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The Strategic Logic of European Integration

"The Strategic Logic of European Integration" with guest speaker, Sebastian Rosato, University of Chicago. Burkle Seminar on Global Affairs, May 7, 2004

Speaker: Sebastian Rosato, University of Chicago

Summary:  After World War II Western Europe had to contain both an external hegemon, the Soviet Union, and a member of their own coalition, Germany.  Faced with a common threat, states pool their economic assets, and the weaker members in the group do this more extensively in systems that are unipolar within the region but have an off-shore balancer.  In order to contain their stronger partners, the minor powers also demand a pooling of authority

with discussant,  Jonathan Slapin, Political Science, UCLA

The Seminar on Global Affairs is held roughly every two weeks and emphasizes interdisciplinary topics and includes scholars from other social sciences as well as public policy and law.

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