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Heritage Language Teacher Workshop

July 20-24, 2009


This workshop is designed to help language teachers face the challenge of teaching heritage language students. It will prepare them to understand the differences between teaching L2 and HL learners, the issues involved in heritage language teaching, and how to address them. Participants will explore ways to design their own curriculum and select materials and assessment tools. They will learn how to involve students as ACTIVE participants in the learning process. The five Cs recommendations from the National Standards will be implemented throughout the workshop.

The workshop will include information on how to research a heritage language community and create a community-based program. A grasp of demographic data will give teachers an advantage in both teaching and promoting heritage language instruction in their own departments, institutions, and districts. The workshop will address these issues to better prepare teachers for the classroom.
The workshop hopes to develop a cohort of language teachers who will be leaders and mentors in the field of heritage language instruction.

The workshop's goals are:
1.    Understand the differences between L2 and HL teaching, including assessment
2.    Set goals for HL instruction that differ from objectives for L2 programs
3.    Design a curriculum that takes students' initial proficiencies into account.
4.    Incorporate knowledge of the community including use of demographic tools in curricular design and materials development
5. Incorporate the five Cs from the National Standards into teaching.

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