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Transfer Credit-Taking Courses Outside of UCLA

Plan to take courses outside of UCLA?

Transfer Credit & Study Abroad Credit

UCLA students may take courses at another institution during the academic year if they are not also registered at UCLA during that quarter.  Note that concurrent enrollment at UCLA and another institution is not permitted during the academic year; that is, you will not get credit for any courses taken at another institution while also attending UCLA during Fall, Winter, or Spring quarters.  

UCLA students may take courses at another institution during the summer.  As there are no restrictions on concurrent enrollment during the summer, UCLA students may also take courses at UCLA and elsewhere during this term.

See the chart below to check what kind of credit you can receive for courses not taken at UCLA.   Credit is broken down into these categories:  Course, Unit and Grade Credit.  Course credit means that the course can be used towards a specific requirement, if approved.  Unit credit means that units will be added to your unit total.  Grade credit means that the grade will be included in your UCLA GPA.

Courses taken at a community college will be considered Lower Division only.  Note that once you have accumulated 105 units, you will not earn additional unit credit for courses taken at a community college. Such courses, however, can still be used to fulfill course requirements, i.e., you will receive course credit. Unit credit will still be earned for courses taken at another four-year institution despite your unit accumulation, however, grades will not transfer unless courses are taken at a University of California campus.

All courses for a major or minor, including preparation courses, must be taken for a letter grade, regardless if they are taken at UCLA or elsewhere.  While grades for non-UC courses do not get figured into the UCLA GPA, the grade will appear on the original transcript from the other institution.


Course Credit

Unit Credit

Grade Credit

UCLA Summer School








Other UC




UCLA Extension XLC




UCLA Extension X, XL (1-199)




Non-UC 4-Year Institution




Community College


Under 105 units: Yes
105 units and above: No


Coursework done through UCLA Summer Sessions (including UCLA Summer Travel) will automatically appear on your DPR as soon as you register for the course.

For coursework done anywhere other than UCLA, including UCLA Extension, you must request that the institution you attended send an official transcript to UCLA Admissions. Once you have completed your work at the other institution, have an official transcript mailed to UCLA's Undergraduate Admissions Office:

UCLA Undergraduate Admissions
& Relations with Schools
1147 Murphy Hall, Box 951436
Los Angeles, CA 90095-1436

UCLA Admissions will evaluate non-UCLA coursework only after courses have been completed and they have received an official transcript with final grades. Once your transfer work is processed by Admissions, it will appear near the top of your DPR. Admissions will also determine if the courses are Upper Division or Lower Division and how many quarter units each course is worth. Check your DPR to see whether further petitioning needs to be done in order for coursework to fulfill requirements (with your Department for courses used for your major/minor or with your College Counseling Unit for requirements beyond your major/minor).

Note that you may not take courses that repeat material you have already completed. If you are attempting to repeat a course because you received a grade of C- or below at UCLA, you may only do so if you will be receiving grade credit (see chart above). 

To determine which community college courses are equivalent to UCLA courses, you can use the website.  Select UCLA, then select the community college you plan to attend during the summer.  Out of all of the IDPs offered through the International Institute, lists course equivalents for the Global Studies major and the International Development Studies major only.  However, for students pursuing other International Institute majors, you can still search for most of the preparation courses by looking under specific departments that the course is listed under.   For example, to find the equivalents of UCLA Econ 1 or 2, simply search under the Economics major. Note that when these predetermined equivalent courses post on your DPR, they will appear with the UCLA course number. 

For courses to count towards your International Institute major or minor that do not post as UCLA equivalents (i.e., they post with a title rather than a UCLA number), you will need to petition them once they appear on your DPR (some time after you submit the transcripts to UCLA Admissions). Be sure that the courses are at least 4 quarter units each (minimum 3 semester units), and listed as Upper Division if they are to count for your upper division major requirements or lower division if to count towards preps. Be sure that you save all course descriptions, syllabi, notebooks, etc. as you might need to include these with your petition.  The petition is available at the homepage for each of the International Institute IDPs, under the "Petition for Chair Review" link.

Please confirm with UCLA Admissions that coursework you plan to take at a non-UCLA institution is accredited.  With regards to non-UC study abroad programs, be sure to consult with Vito Grillo, International Programs Counselor at the UCLA International Education Office, B300 Murphy Hall, 310-825-6966 to ensure that you will be receiving UCLA credit.

Also be sure to check with your College Counseling Unit to determine if you will meet senior residency requirements by taking courses outside of UCLA.

Conversion Rate between Semester & Quarter Units:

1 Semester Unit = 1.5 Quarter Units

Semester Units

Quarter Units














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