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Chinese Koreans (Chosunjok) in Buenos Aires: their ethnic identity and ties with the Korean community and Argentinean society

By Mirta Bialogorski, University of Buenos Aires

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In the middle '90's, Chinese citizens of Korean origin known as chosunjok, started to arrive in Argentina through the connection with South-Korean residents already established in this country. In particular, they began working in the textile industry--which is currently much extended among this community, as well as in certain areas connected to the former.

We would like to point out that we face a migrant with a particular complexity with respect to the double cultural and identitarian feature. Their most important ties have led them to become a part of the transnational Korean community, whereas their national reference is China, their country of origin.

This double feature has to be dealt with and solved in the relationship-in this scenario-held with the Argentinean people, the Korean community and the Chinese one. None of them has a frequent interaction among them and both have a strong structure. There will not be a total identification with either of them and, in addition, they will only partially recognize them as a part of the particular group of belonging.

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