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UCLA Grad Student CFP: Creating and Consuming Asian Cuisines: Food, Memory, and Place

The UCLA Asia Institute invites UCLA graduate students whose research interests focus on food in a variety of contexts related to Asia or to Asian culture in Los Angeles to participate in a discussion forum on Creating and Consuming Asian Cuisines: Food, Memory, and Place, to be held on May 2, 2010 as part of the Asia Institutes second annual Asia in LA program.

Cuisine is at the heart of what each of us holds onto as our ethnic, religious, and cultural heritage, at the same time as foods quickly cross ethnic and national boundaries to become part of the daily life of local communities. For Los Angeles in particular, foods and drinks from East, Southeast, and South Asia are no longer only imported but are often now produced here and have found their way into supermarket shelves, farmers markets, and the kitchens of top chefs. The foods and drinks we consume provide a window onto the transformations that globalization brings in Asia as well as bringing Asia into the daily life and identity of Los Angeles.

Asia in LA is a one-day program that highlights the work of UCLA faculty, students, and community experts to enrich our understanding of the peoples, cultures, and histories of Asia through an examination and celebration of the ties between Asia and Los Angeles. This year, the program will bring together the unique resources of the UCLA campus with well-known personalities in the world of Asian cuisine. The day will include presentations from faculty and graduate students, as well as food critics, chefs, and growers, and will provide unique tasting opportunities. During the morning session, the work of UCLA graduate students will be featured both as an opportunity to showcase emerging research in food studies, and to include young scholars in a broader civic dialogue on these issues.

Graduate students working on a dissertation or research paper on a topic related to food in, of, or out of Asia are invited to submit a one-paragraph abstract summarizing your research topic to the Asia Institute by Monday, November 30. A meeting will be convened in January to discuss the research themes and formulate ideas for the graduate student forum. The forum is intended to provide an opportunity for cross-disciplinary discussion, culminating in a morning of public presentations at Asia in LA. The hope is that students will develop a network of peers working on related topics in different fields that will enrich and broaden the intellectual discourse and strengthen future research and writing. The group will be given the opportunity to design the themes and format of the public forum. All UCLA graduate students are eligible to apply.

Along with your abstract, please include your name, department, advisor, and year in the program. Submit to:

Elizabeth Leicester
Assistant Director
UCLA Asia Institute
11286 Bunche Hall
(310) 825-0007

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