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One Hundred Years of Oil Income and the Iranian Economy: A Blessing or a Curse

A lecture in English by Professor Hashem Pesaran, Cambridge university. Part of the CNES Bilingual Lecture Series.

Professor M Hashem Pesaran was born in Shiraz, Fars, Iran. He received his BSc in Economics at the University of Salford (England) and his PhD in Economics at Cambridge University. Currently, Dr Pesaran is Professor of Economics at Cambridge University ( and a Professorial Fellow of Trinity College, Cambridge. He is also the John Elliot Chair and Professor of Economics at USC.

He has over 160 publications in leading scientific journals in the areas of econometrics, empirical macroeconomics and the Iranian economy, and is an expert in the economics of oil and the Middle East. He is the author of The Limits to Rational Expectations (Blackwell), and co-author of several books, Dynamic Regression: Theory and Algorithms (with Lucy Slater), Keynes' Economics: Methodological Issues, (ed. with Tony Lawson), Disaggregation in Economic Modelling (ed. with Terry Barker), Non-linear Dynamics, Chaos and Econometrics (JW, ed. with Simon Potter), Blackwell's Handbook of Applied Econometrics: Volume I, Macroeconomics (ed. with Mike Wickens), and Volume II, Microeconomics (ed. with Peter Schmidt), Energy Demand in Asian Developing Economies (with Ron Smith and Taka Akiyama, OUP),  Analysis of Panels and Limited Dependent Variables: A Volume in Honour of G S Maddala (ed. with Cheng Hsiao, Kajal Lahiri and Lung-Fei Lee, CUP), Global and National Macroenonometric Modelling: A Long Run Structural Approach (with Garratt, Lee, and Shin, OUP, 2006), Explaining Growth in the Middle East (North-Holland, 2007).

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