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Doctoral degrees in Israel Studies granted at UCLA

UCLA has a long tradition of supporting doctoral research on Israeli society, politics, and culture, Hebrew literature, and the history of Zionism and Jewish nationalism. Building on this foundation, the Y & S Nazarian Center for Israel Studies continues to support innovative graduate work with a wide variety of perspectives and disciplinary approaches.

Doctoral Dissertations related to Israel Studies granted at UCLA through May 2008

(Based on a list compiled by David G. Hirsch Jewish and Middle Eastern Studies Bibliographer Charles E. Young Research Library.)

Almagor, Dan. Aspects of the narrative of Micha Yosef Berdichewsky. 1968.

Baruch, Miri. Aspects in the poetics of Nathan Zach. 1977

Baruch, Robert Karl. Return and repression: defensive gestures in the poetic language of Dan Pagis. 1994

Bat-El, Outi. Extraction in modern Hebrew morphology. 1986.

Bat-El, Outi. Phonology and word structure in modern Hebrew. 1989.

Bishop, Jill Kushner. More than a language, a travel agency: ideology and performance in the Israeli Judeo-Spanish revitalization movement. 2004.

Bleckman, Judith Claire Mandelker. Vocational education in a developing nation: Israel. 1971

Cutter, William. The uprooted, a study of the protagonist in three novels; Be'en Matarah (Without a goal) by Yeshayahu Bershadski (1897); Shekhol Vekhishalon (Breakdown and bereavement) by Josef Hayyim Brenner (1920); and Sippur Pashut (A simple story) by Shmuel Yosef Agnon (1935). 1971

Devens, Monica Schaefer. The phonetics of Israeli Hebrew: "Oriental" versus "general" Israeli Hebrew. 1978

Fishman, Samuel Z. The dimensions and uses of Jewish history in the essays of Micha Yosef Berdichevsky (Bin-Gorion). 1969

Gluckstein, Naomi Gann. Immigrants' associations in Israel: structure and function. 1979

Golandski, Rachel. Interrelationship between written and oral literature as observed in S.Y. Agnon's story "Kippurim" (Atonement). 1981

Haephrati, Joseph. Disjunctive structure in the poetry of Saul Tschernichowsky, with special emphasis upon his idylls. 1970.

Hakak, Lev. Modes of organization in modern Hebrew free verse. 1974.

Harris, Barbara Ann. Zionist speeches of Louis Dembitz Brandeis: a critical edition. 1967

Haviv, Ayana Shira. Consumption, youth culture, and the performance of national identity among Israeli backpackers in the Far East. 2002

Jabber, Fuad Amin. The politics of arms transfer and control: the case of the Middle East. 1974

Kenan, Orna. Between history and memory: Israeli historiography of the Holocaust : the period of "Gestation," from the mid 1940s to the Eichmann trial in 1961. 2000

Klein, Snira Lubovsky. The poetry of Uri Zvi Greenberg in Hebrew and in Yiddish during the years 1912-1924. 1983

Kofman, Ilana. The bases of electoral support for the Communist Party of Israel among the Arabs in Israel, 1948-1984. 1989

Kohn, Wila. The Faust complex in the fiction of Micha Yosef Berdichewsky. 1985.

Levin, Shana Lee. A social psychological approach to understanding intergroup attitudes in the United States and Israel. 1996

Margolis, Fern Sabin. The Kibbutz as setting in Israeli fiction. 1975.

Meyer, Megan Ballou. The role of ideology in directing organizational behavior: peace and conflict resolution organizations in Israel/Palestine, Northern Ireland, and South Africa. 1999.

Michelson, Shifra Etta. An analysis of the phoneme-grapheme correspondence in the spelling of English monosyllables by adult Israelis. 1974.

Myers, Jody Elizabeth. Seeking Zion: the messianic ideology of Zevi Hirsch Kalischer, 1795-1874. 1985

Neumann, Oded. A battle for survival: the struggle of the Jewish Yishuv for existence in Palestine during World War I, 1914-1918. 1994.

Nur, Ofer. Hashomer hatzair youth movement 1918-1924 from eastern Galicia and Vienna to Palestine: a cultural history. 2004

Roberts-Burke, Robin J. The Country of the mind: Homeland symbolism in twentieth century Hebrew and Irish poetry. 1987

Rubin, Adam Michael. From Torah to tarbut: Hayim Nahman Bialik and the nationalization of Judaism. 2000

Safa, Michele Franklin. Emblems of identity: the changing meanings of the traditional arts in a Northern Yemenite community in Israel. 1993

Shapira, Ariella. Competition, cooperation and conformity among city and Kibbutz children in Israel. 1970

Shelhav, Moshe. Documentation and assessment of a community renewal project: a case of an Israeli kibbutz. 1976

Smooha, Sammy. Pluralism: a study of intergroup relations in Israel. 1973

Squires, Pamela Wanda Clare. Dance and dance music of Iraqi Kurdish Jews in Israel. 1975

Walerstein, Marcia Shoshana. Public rituals among the Jews from Cochin India in Israel: expressions of ethnic identity. 1987

Wineman, Lawrence Joseph. The Akedah-motif in the modern Hebrew story. 1977

Yehieli, Michele Kathleen. Factors of acculturation associated with breastfeeding practices among resettled refugees: a case study of Ethiopian immigrants in Northern Israel. 1995

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