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Jewish Culture without Jews? Public Memory and 'Diaspora Disneys' in East-Central Europe, Eurasia, and Spain

A public lecture by Shelley Salamensky, UCLA Theater. Cosponsored by the UCLA Center for Jewish Studies

Jews have essentially vanished from parts of the globe where once stood burgeoning communities.  Yet increasingly, lost Jewish lifeways are being "reenacted" -- by non-Jews -- in these areas.  While these Disney-like phenomena may have little new to teach us about Jewish history, they have a great deal to say about the workings of history and memory in general, and about the conflicts and desires of the "host" cultures from which they spring.
Shelley Salamensky has worked creatively in, and written on, a wide array of forms: fiction, creative nonfiction, "performance" in our everyday lives, staged performance, film, media, and more. Professor Salamensky is a Contributing Editor of The Los Angeles Review of Books, has won teaching awards, and has taught in both the U.K. and the U.S.

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