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International Conference: Assessing the Collapse of the Soviet Union Twenty Years Later (Panel 5)

A two-day international conference, October 21 - 22. Sponsored by the UCLA Center for European and Eurasian Studies and the Communist and Post-Communist Studies journal, with support from CSU Long Beach College of Liberal Arts and the UCLA International Institute.

2011 marks the 20th anniversary of Soviet Union’s disintegration. In recognition of the extraordinary transformations  that led to and resulted from the collapse of the Soviet Union, this conference aims to reflect on the political, economic and socio-cultural changes that have taken place in Russia and the other successor states. Participating speakers include international experts in the fields of political science, economics, international relations, history, sociology, and journalism.
Panel 5: Perspectives from Journalism
Adam Michnik, Editor-in-Chief, Gazeta Wyborcza
Russia after the Collapse of the Soviet Union – The View from Poland
Valery Naydenov, Founding Editor-in-Chief, 24 chasa
The "Ivan the Terrible" Newspaper: A Comparative Look at Changes in Newspaper Style
Moderator: Carol Williams, Los Angeles Times

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