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Too Much Too Soon: The Euro and the Future of Europe

A public lecture by Josef Joffe, Editor, Die Zeit. Discussant: Ronald Rogowski, UCLA, Political Science.

Josef Joffe is publisher-editor of the German weekly Die Zeit and Senior Fellow of Stanford University's Freeman Spogli Institute for International Studies. He has been a visiting professor of political science at Stanford since 2004, and is also Marc and Anita Abramowitz Fellow in International Relations at the University's Hoover Institution.
His essays, reviews, and op-ed pieces on US foreign policy, international security policy, European-American relations, Europe and Germany, and the Middle East have appeared in Wall Street Journal, New York Times, Washington Post, Time and Newsweek. His scholarly work has appeared in Foreign Affairs, National Interest, International Security, and Foreign Policy. He is the author of Über-Power: The Imperial Temptation in America (2007)and the forthcoming At the Cassandra Crossing: The False Prophecies of American Decline (2013).
Among his awards are honorary doctoral degrees from Swarthmore College in 2002 and Lewis and Clark College in 2005; the Theodor Wolff Prize for journalism and Ludwig Börne Prize for literature; the Scopus Award of the Hebrew University, Jerusalem; and the Federal Order of Merit, Germany. He holds a PhD in government from Harvard University.

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