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PKU/UCLA Integrated BS+MS Program

Welcome to 3+2, the first integrated Bachelor's and Masters degree program between UCLA and Peking University!  This pilot program began Fall 2013 and is open to Computer Science and Electrical Engineering students at PKU.  Applications are due March 31, 2014.

Eligible PKU students may attend UCLA for their fourth year of undergraduate studies, receive their PKU Bachelor's (BS) degree, then continue on for one more year at UCLA and receive a UCLA Master's (MS) degree.


Application process

  1. PKU identifies eligible CS and EE students based on class rank
  2. Students complete the online application,
    1. Transcript
    2. Class rank
    3. TOEFL or IELTS scores*
    4. Personal statement
    5. List of potential 2-3 UCLA advisors
  3. Students interview with a UCLA faculty member, via computer or in person
  4. PKU will initially review and endorse the application package.   JRI’s UCLA co-director, EE and CS chairs, and proposed advisors review application materials and interview.


Criteria for undergraduate acceptance to Year 1

Students meeting all the criteria are eligible:

  • PKU  undergraduates in  the  field  of computer science  or electrical engineering with overall  GPA  ranking  in the top 10% of the PKU department in Fall of 3rd year
  • 90% of undergraduate coursework is completed at PKU
  • TOEFL  or IELTS score  meets  the  minimum  criteria  for  UCLA’s  Undergraduate  Division  for admittance:*
  • A  UCLA  faculty   member  agrees  to  supervise  for CS  or EE 199 (research)

*Students will benefit from having TOEFL or IELTS scores that meet Graduate Division minimums for the initial program application.  Test scores aid the visa process, and students will have better success in UCLA classes and will not have to take/retake the test for the graduate division application.


Study Plan - UCLA is on a quarter-system…  Classes go fast!

Students create Year 1 study plans, updated and then approved by PKU and UCLA advisors each quarter

  • Minimum 12 units each quarter, CS/EE 199 (research) may count as 4-8 units
  • 3 UCLA graduate-level courses during Year 1 with cumulative 3.0 GPA
  • Courses count towards either PKU BS or UCLA MS (UCLA research may double as PKU thesis)
  • Submit several course choices each quarter, identifying required courses
  • Undergraduate courses for PKU degree are allowed as along as graduate course work is also met


Visa F-1 status

Holder must be in compliance with the following at all times:

  • 12 unit course load each quarter, up to 8 of which may be research (CS199 or EE199)
  • No online courses if course load is below the 12 unit minimum
  • Hold SHIP insurance
  • Meet 3+2 program eligibility
  • Up to 20 hours/week on campus employment allowed
  • No off campus employment or internships prior to beginning graduate program in Fall quarter of Year 2
  • Students have 60 days from end of Spring Quarter to renew I-20 for Year 2, requires:
    • Admittance to UCLA grad program
    • New Confidential Financial Statement (CSF)


Entry into MS degree program

  • Submit the online Graduate Division application by department deadlines, including GRE scores
  • Unopened official PKU transcript through last semester of study at PKU
  • Receive PKU BS degree upon completion of Year 1 at UCLA
  • TOEFL or English Language Testing System (IELTS) scores meet Graduate Division minimums
  • Receive a favorable evaluation and recommendation from research mentor



Students are responsible for Tuition, Nonā€Resident Supplemental Tuition, and campus fees while studying at UCLA, and the 4th year tuition and fees at PKU.  Students are also responsible for all living expenses, health insurance and travel expenses.


UCLA status for Year 1

  • “Limited Status”
  • “Non-Degree Objective” (NDO) degree code
  • Eligible for all student services and undergraduate housing
  • Enroll online using URSA and Permission to Enroll (PTE), with help of academic counselors
  • Fees are assessed on same time table as regular undergraduate students

For more info please contact:
Cecca Yunli Yang

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