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Human Rights Resources

Gathered for Integrating Human Rights into the Curriculum: Case Studies from Asia Workshop for Educators, February 7-8, 2004

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BBC Children’s Rights
Information about children and the effects of war, plus interviews with children from around the world telling their own experiences.

Center for Human Rights & Humanitarian Law
A resource to the international community on human rights and humanitarian law issues.

"Chasing Freedom" - A Court TV Original Movie
Story of an Afghan woman's flight from the Taliban and the obstacles thrown in her way in seeking asylum in the United States. Starring Juliette Lewis.

Children and Armed Conflict A Guide to International Humanitarian and Human Rights Law

Death Penalty Information Center

Doctors Without Borders Educational Tools

Doctors Without Borders Online Magazine for Kids

Educators for Social Justice
Includes curriculum, lesson plans and teacher development and support.

Electronic Resources Center
The Electronic Resource Centre for Human Rights Education is an on-line repository of human rights education and training materials, on-line forums, databases and links to other organizations and resources. The materials are provided free of charge.

The Human Rights Revolution
A Monthly Commentary on Human Rights from Project Syndicate

Institute for Global Communications
The Institute for Global Communications (IGC) plays a formative role in bringing advanced communications technologies to grassroots organizations worldwide working for peace, human rights, environmental sustainability, women's rights, conflict resolution and worker rights.

International Criminal Court
The International Criminal Court (ICC) was established by the Rome Statute of the International Criminal Court on 17 July 1998, when 120 States participating in the "United Nations Diplomatic Conference of Plenipotentiaries on the Establishment of an International Criminal Court" adopted the Statute. This is the first ever permanent, treaty based, international criminal court established to promote the rule of law and ensure that the gravest international crimes do not go unpunished.

Islam and Human Rights
The website is a comprehensive research resource for academics, rights activists, students, policy-makers, mediapersons, and anyone interested in Islam and human rights issues around the world.

Human Rights Resources Web Page

One World Online
The OneWorld network spans five continents and produces content in 11 different languages, published across its international site, regional editions, and thematic channels. Many of these are produced from the South to widen the participation of the world's poorest and most marginalized peoples in the global debate.

Princeton Middle School 7th Graders at work on CE Urgent Actions

The Stanford Program on International and Cross-Cultural Education (SPICE)
SPICE serves as a bridge between Stanford University and K-14 schools by developing multidisciplinary curriculum materials on international themes.

UNICEF Voices of Youth
Developed as part of UNICEF's 50th anniversary celebration, Voices of Youth is an electronic discussion forum for children and young people worldwide.

University of Minnesota Human Rights Library
This resource includes the text of treaties and other instruments, information about treaty bodies and other international organizations, regional materials, human rights education materials, human rights bibliographies and links, and links to legal information on the World Wide Web.

United Nations High Commissioner for Human Rights website
ABC - Teaching Human Rights: Practical activities for primary and secondary schools.

The Urban Dreams Project - A U.S. Department of Education Technology Innovation Challenge Grant
Includes lesson plans on how to teach human rights in high school.

Women's Human Rights Resources
The Women's Human Rights Resources is a member of DIANA, which is a collaborative venture of university-based human rights centres and non-governmental human rights agencies. Our group takes responsibility for the topic of women's international human rights through the Bora Laskin Law Library at the University of Toronto. The WHRR website contains articles, documents, and links pertaining to all aspects of women's rights.


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