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Ninth Annual Graduate Student Symposium for Japanese Studies

Transgressing Gender: Interrogating "Gender" in Japan

This event took place May 11, 2002

Panels Participants
Opening Remarks  
Panel 1: Gender and Legislation
  • Elizabeth Leicester (UCLA)
    "Gender and the Politics of Prostitution in Early Nineteenth Century Kanazawa"
  • Michiko Takeuchi (UCLA)
    "The Reaffirmation of Gender Roles Through Nationalism: The Deconstruction of Japanese State-sanctioned Prostitution for the U.S. Occupation Forces"
  • Yuka Tsuchiya (Minnesota)
    "Colonial Origin of Japanese Women's Education: Kawai Michi and the Establishment of Women's Junior Colleges in Post-WWII Occupied Japan"
  • Professor Anne Walthall, University of California Irvine
Panel 2: Gender as Performance
  • Lee Friederich (Minnesota)
    "In the Night Garden: Reading the Unfathomable Sign of the Lesbian in Enchi Fumiko's Onnamen"
  • Galia Petkova (University of British Columbia)
    "Performing the Female Body and Sexuality on the Theatre Stage: Onnagata as an Embodiment of "Ultimate" Femininity?"
  • Rinko Shibuya (UCLA)
    "Sex Exclusiveness as the Norm: Japanese Women's Language"
  • Professor Michael Bourdaghs, University of California, Los Angeles
Panel 3: Birth Control and Gender
  • Karen Callahan (Berkeley)
    "Men, Women, and Birth Control in Early Twentieth-Centuty Japan"
  • Shana Fruehan (Chicago)
    "Resisting "Liberation" and Gaining Control: Japanese Feminists and the Pill"
  • Professor Kathleen Uno, Temple University
Closing Remarks  

The Ninth Annual Graduate Student Symposium for Japanese Studies is sponsered by the UCLA Center for Japanese Studies. For further information, please contact Teresa Algoso ( or David Eason (

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