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Paul Terasaki Chair in U.S.-Japan Relations
P. Terasaki (L) R. Morse (R)

Paul Terasaki Chair in U.S.-Japan Relations

The Paul I. Terasaki Endowed Chair in U.S.-Japan Relations is devoted to a distinguished teaching program designed to bring experts in the field of Japanese studies and U.S.-Japan relations to UCLA.

Two types of appointments to the Chair will be made: Visiting Professors will be limited in term to two years, and Adjunct, In-Residence Professors will occupy the Chair for an unlimited term.

The Paul I. Terasaki Chairholder will be appointed on a rotating basis from among various specializations within Japanese studies, including history, literature, philosophy, sociology, international relations, economics, political science, selected professional schools and the humanities. The Chairholder is to teach both graduate and undergraduate courses in the various fields which comprise Japanese Studies at UCLA, to give at least one public lecture per year on U.S.-Japan relations and to publish at least one scholarly article per year on the subject.

The minimum criteria for the holder of the Chair will be a Ph.D. or equivalent in specified fields, a minimum of three years of tenure at a major educational institution and a history of publication in major academic journals. Such criteria may be waived for extraordinary candidates at the discretion of the Selection Committee which will be appointed by the International Institute Vice Provost and which will be comprised of the Director of the Center for Japanese Studies, the International Institute Vice Provost, and a selected faculty from the field of Japanese Studies or U.S.-Japan Relations.

Upon relinquishment of the Chair, the holder will be entitled to refer to himself or herself as the Terasaki Professor, appending dates of incumbency.

The current holder of the Terasaki Chair is Dr. Ronald A. Morse. He teaches seminars and lecture courses through Departments of History and Policy Studies. In 2002-2003 these courses will be: History 187C Japanese History: Modern 1868 to the Present (Fall 2002); History 197M Undergraduate Seminar: Issues in U.S.-Japan Relations (Winter 2003); Policy Studies 190 Politics of Culture: Japan, 1945 to 2002 (Fall 2002); Policy Studies 190 Reinventing Government: Japanese Political Reform (Winter 2003). For details of his classes, please visit departmental sites at and

The past Terasaki Professors include Sam Jameson, former Los Angeles Times Bureau Chief in Tokyo, and Akimasa Mitsuta, former Executive Director of the Japan Foundation and currently President of Nagasaki University of Foreign Studies.

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