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Veiling and the Media
photograph by Ron Kelley

Veiling and the Media

A web project produced by UCLA, New York University and Columbia University in 1998.

Veiling has signified a wide range of conventions across the world, from Indonesia to Mauritania and America, and its meanings vary from a statement of adherence to modesty and traditional values to an assertion of political and ideological opposition. For most Westerners, veiling as portrayed in the popular press and media is automatically associated with religious fundamentalism, or with a sensuality particular to the Middle East and Islam.

To balance these perceptions of veiling, this site features a multiplicity of viewpoints and resources especially relevant to newspaper and magazine editors and writers, and to television, film and educational media producers.

UCLA Forum "On Veiling and the Media," Los Angeles, sponsored by the G.E. von Grunebaum Center for Near Eastern Studies and New York and Columbia Universities. May 20, 1998

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