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Language Grants

The Blakemore Foundation


Program Summary

Blakemore Freeman Fellowships are awarded for one year of advanced language study in East or Southeast Asia in structured language programs or private tutorial programs where the primary focus is on study of the modern language.


1.Eligible Languages
Blakemore Freeman Fellowships are awarded for study of the principal modern languages of East and Southeast Asia such as:


Consideration will be given to other East or Southeast Asian languages on an individual basis. Grants will not be made for the study of classical forms of Chinese, Japanese, Korean, Tibetan or other languages not in current use in Asia which are studied primarily for academic purposes.

2.Eligibility Requirements

Be pursuing an academic, professional or business career that involves the regular use of a modern East or Southeast Asian language

Have a college undergraduate degree
Be at or near an advanced level in the language as defined below
Be able to devote oneself exclusively to language study during the term of the grant; grants are not made for part-time study
Be a U.S. citizen or permanent resident of the United States

3.Definition of Advanced Level

An applicant for a Blakemore Freeman Fellowship must have:

A minimum of three academic years of regular language study at the college level (example: completed 3rd year Chinese); or

A minimum of one academic year of full-time intensive language study at the college-level; or
Provide proof of equivalent competency (click here for language evaluation form that can be used to satisfy this requirement)
Note: Applications for languages which are not commonly taught at U.S. universities will be considered on an individual basis


Blakemore Freeman Fellowships are intended to cover basic expenses at a graduate student level necessary to pursue a year of full-time language study in Asia.

Blakemore Freeman Fellowships cover:

Tuition or tutoring fees, plus

Stipend for travel, living and study expenses


January 15 - Deadline for applications February - Applications reviewed by Foundation
March - Semi-finalists notified and interviewed
Late March/early April - Finalists selected and notified of grants


Text It is the applicant's individual responsibility to apply to the language program which he or she lists on the Blakemore Freeman Fellowship application. The Foundation does not apply for the applicant.

Blakemore Freeman Fellowships are awarded contingent upon the applicant's unconditional acceptance by the language program for which the fellowship is awarded. If an applicant lists more than one language program on the application, the Foundation may limit the use of the grant to a specific language program.

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