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Chancellor's Award for Postdoctoral Research

Chancellor's Award for Postdoctoral Research Program


The recipients of the Chancellor's Award for Postdoctoral Research will be announced at the postdoctoral fellow's reception on March 20, 2002. This event will bring together postdoctoral fellows and faculty research from a variety of academic areas to honor the contributions of our postdoctoral researchers. Nominations should be made and award recipients selected based on the following general criterion: innovation in research and impact of research on the field; research productivity and quality as demonstrated by work completed as a UCLA postdoctoral fellow, including publications, presentations, awards; and originality and creativity of scholarship.


To be eligible, an individual must be:
* A UCLA postdoctoral fellow (appointed through the graduate Division in accordance with University, policy) during at least 9 consecutive months and must have been appointed through summer 2001, and
* Present to receive the prize at the UCLA Postdoctoral Fellows Reception


Awardees of the Chancellor's Award for Postdoctoral Research receive $3,000 each.


February 11, 2002- Completed nomination dossiers must be submitted by this date.

Application and for more information

The dossier submitted in support of the nomination of a postdoctoral fellow should present the selection committee with a full complement of materials, including some or all of the following:
* Cover letter from the principal investigators
* Curriculum vitae of the postdoctoral fellow
* Explanatory materials
* Additional letters

Dean's/Provost's Offices, departments, and research units are asked to publicize and encourage nominations for the prize.

A postdoctoral fellow may be nominated by his or her faculty mentor(s), or any other members of the faculty knowledgeable about the accomplishments and qualifications of the postdoctoral fellow. Nomination materials should be submitted in accordance with the procedures outlined below.

Dossiers should be submitted in a neat and well-organized format. If materials are included that cannot be photocopied, please provide seven (7) copies of said materials. Each member of the selection committee will need a complete dossier. Completed dossiers should be hand-delivered or sent marked "confidential" to:

Chancellor's Award for Postdoctoral Research Selection Committee
c/o Vice Chancellor Claudia Mitchell-Kernan
1237 Murphy Hall
Mailcode 141901

Students can visit for more information.

For further, more complete information about application evaluation information, students are referred to Susan Townsley by email at or program information packets are available in 1252 Murphy Hall.

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