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Fellowship for Korean Studies Scholars Overseas

Korea Foundation Fellowship

Program Summary

The Fellowship for Korean Studies seeks to promote Korean studies and supports professional researchers in Korean studies by facilitating their research activities in Korea. Since 1992, 472 researchers from 61 countries have visited Korea and conducted research under this fellowship program. Fellowship applications are evaluated according to four basic factors: the applicant's academic background, proposed research project, research plan and the anticipated results of the project. In addition, the foundation considers the relevance of the proposed research project to the promotion of Korean studies in the applicant's country.

The Fellows are required to submit a research plan at the beginning of their fellowship period and a summary report on their research at the conclusion of their fellowship period. Fellows must also submit a research paper prepared on the basis of their research conducted during the fellowship period within six months after the conclusion of their fellowship period. During the grant period, recipients should reside in Korea and undertake their fellowship projects on a full-time basis without engaging in any improper activities, including gainful employment.

Targeted Fields: Korea-related research in the humanities and social sciences, culture and arts, and comparative research related to Korea. (The natural sciences, medical sciences and engineering fields are not eligible).


* Open to university professors and instructors, doctoral candidates, professional researchers at research institutes, and other qualified professionals. (Doctoral candidates who have completed all academic requirements except their dissertation and are currently working on their dissertation are preferred.)
* Candidates must be proficient enough in Korean or English to allow them to carry out their research project.
* For Korean nationals, only those with foreign residency status and/or regular faculty positions at foreign universities are eligible to apply.
* Applicants interested in improving their Korean language ability or attending regular courses at a university are not eligible for this program.
* Candidates who are receiving support from other programs administered by the Korea Foundation or by other organizations are not eligible to receive this fellowship at the same time. Former recipients may not apply for further assistance for three years after the completion of their last fellowship year.
* Candidates who have affiliations in Korea are preferred.


For doctoral candidates and lecturers, the monthly stipend is 1,200,000 Korean won. The award also includes an international round-trip airplane ticket and traveler's insurance covered during the grant period of 3 to 12 months. Housing, research facilities and office space will not be provided by the Foundation.


May 15, 2001 - Completed application and supporting materials must be received by this date at the UCLA Center for Korean Studies.

Application and for more information

Each institution is allowed to recommend one candidate for each fellowship program.

Application materials include:
* Completed application form (including research proposal and curriculum vitae)
* Two letters of recommendation
* Certificate of most recent academic degree
* Evidence of current employment (or enrollment at an institution for doctoral candidates)
* Graduate school transcripts (doctoral candidates only)

Application forms may be obtained from the Korea Foundation if candidates request them by providing the Foundation with his/her curriculum vitae, which should include Korea-related study and/or research experience, research topic and its brief description, and language that will be used in the course of research in Korea.

For more information please contact:
UCLA Center for Korean Studies,
11282 Bunche Hall
Tel: (310) 825-3284

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