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Merrill Lynch Innovation Grants Competition

Merrill Lynch Innovation Grants Competition


This global competition is designed to make recent Ph.D. candidates more sensitive to the market potential of their ideas. With this competition, the Merrill Lynch Forum is creating an incentive for doctoral candidates to write and think about the business context of their academic work.


Only applicants who have successfully defended their doctoral dissertations between January 1, 1998 to December 15, 2000 are eligible to apply. Graduation is not a requirement or a hindrance for applying.


First prize is $50,000; there are two $20,000 second prizes; three $10,000 prizes; six Distinguished Proposal Grants, $5,000 each; Six University Grants, $5,000 each.


December 15, 2000

Application and for more information

Application forms must be submitted via the website, and the 3,000 word proposal, letter from the sponsor and certified statement or transcript must be submitted by mail. Proposals will not be considered unless an electronic application form has been received via e-mail.

E-mail: or
Phone: 1-888-33FORUM

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