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Presidential Management Intern Program

Presidential Management Intern Program


Provides a special means of entry into the Federal service for recipients of graduate degrees. Interns will receive two-year appointments to developmental positions at the Federal government, with possible transition into civil service jobs. Internships focus on career development. Assignments as a PMI may involve domestic or international issues, technological changes, criminal justice, health research, financial management, and many other fields in support of public service programs. Federal departments and agencies strive to provide interns with challenging and rewarding assignments. All cabinet departments and more than 50 federal agencies have hired Presidential Management Interns. PMIs receive an initial two-year appointment. After successfully completing the two-year program, PMIs may be eligible for conversion to a permanent government position and further promotional opportunities. The PMI Program places a strong emphasis on career development


1. Must be U.S. citizen or a permanent resident. Non-United States citizens interested in applying for the PMI Program should contact the Immigration and Naturalization Service regarding their eligibility to live and work in the United States. Opportunities for Federal employment for non-United States citizens are extremely limited.

2. Students who complete a graduate degree (master's or doctoral-level degree) from an accredited college or university during the 2001-2002 academic year (September 1, 2001 - August 31, 2002) are eligible to be nominated by their schools if they meet the following criteria:
* Demonstrate exceptional academic achievement
* Demonstrate a capacity for leadership
* Demonstrate the potential for future professional growth
* Demonstrate a commitment to a career in the analysis and management of public policies and

3. Must be nominated by the appropriate dean, chairperson, or program director of their graduate program.


PMIs receive an initial two-year appointment. PMIs are appointed at the GS-9 level (currently $36,000 range per year) and are eligible for various employment benefits (i.e., holidays, vacations, etc.) After successful completion of the first year, PMIs are eligible for promotion to GS-11 (currently $44,000 range per year). Upon completion of the two-year internship, PMIs are eligible for conversion to career or career-conditional status and are eligible for promotion to GS-12 (currently $53,000 range per year).


October 31, 2001 - all completed application materials must be postmarked by this date. Do not submit photocopy version of application; they cannot be processed.

Application and for more information

Applications are available in 1252 Murphy Hall, from the PMI Program Office, and through the Worldwide Web at

Completed application materials should be sent to:
U.S. Office of Personnel Management Macon Technology Support Center (PMI) 4685 Log Cabin Drive
Macon, GA 31204-6317

For more information

United States Office of Personnel Management Philadelphia Service Center William J. Green, Jr., Federal Building
600 Arch Street, Room 3400
Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
Phone: (912) 757-3000

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