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Summer Intermediate Language Program in Qingdao

Ohio State University National East Asian Languages Resource Center and Qingdao Ocean University (PRC)


For students who have worked so hard to successfully complete their first year of Chinese, the Qingdao program is the perfect reward. The Summer Intermediate Language Program is designed to give learners who have just completed their first year of Chinese their first pedagogically structured experience in China. Learners will begin the process of learning how to learn from their environment while developing a basic familiarity and level of comfort in Chinese culture.


This program is open to both OSU and non-OSU students of all majors who have completed one year of college Chinese or have equivalent proficiency. OSU students should have successfully completed Chinese 103 and should have earned a GPA of 3.0 or above in Chinese courses.

Acceptance to the program will be determined on the basis of academic record, two letters of recommendation, statement of purpose, and personal/telephone interview.


* For Ohio residents, the cost is Ohio State University tuition + $1,000 program fee

* For non-residents the cost is $4,500

Fees include tuition, instruction, housing in Qingdao, visa processing, local excursions, study materials, and international travel insurance. The program cost does not include transportation to or from Qingdao, meals, personal expenses, or travel immunizations. Each participant must demonstrate adequate insurance coverage, including medical and emergency evacuation.

Students should budget around $1000 for international airfare, $150.00 for in country transportation, $1000-1500 for food and personal hygiene items, $3-400 for personal items, souvenirs, etc, and $100 for the Office of International Education application fee.

A $500 deposit is due to the program within three weeks of receiving a letter of acceptance.


March 17, 2004March 17, 2004


Application forms are available at the Office of International Education (OIE) in Oxley Hall. After submission of your application to Jenny Kraft at OIE, you will be contacted by the program for an interview.

Contact Personnel

US/CL Program Officer: Eric Shepherd

Qingdao Program Director: Patrick McAloon

OIE Program Coordinator: Jenny Kraft

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