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Edward R. Murrow Fellowship

Council of foreign relations


Each year, the Council offers a resident Fellowship for a foreign correspondent or editor of international news for an English language medium. Named in honor of Edward R. Murrow and funded by the CBS Foundation, the Fellowship gives the recipient a period of nine months for sustained study and writing, free from the usual pressure of deadlines that characterize journalistic life.


The Fellowship stipend normally will be equivalent to the salary relinquished by the Fellow during the nine-month period of the Fellowship -- an amount not to exceed $65,000 for nine months. The duration of the Fellowship typically coincides with the Council's calendar year beginning in September and extending into May.

Murrow Fellows are provided office space at the Council's headquarters in New York City, which also includes access to meeting rooms and an in-house library containing an outstanding collection of books and other materials relating to the field of international affairs.


A correspondent, editor, or producer for radio, television, a newspaper or a magazine widely available in the United States, who has covered international news may submit an application.


Completed application forms by February 28, 2002.


To receive an application for the Murrow fellowship, a nomination letter must be submitted to the Vice President of Membership and Fellowship, Elise Carlson Lewis, at the office address or fax number provided below by February 1, 2002. The nomination letter may be submitted by a Council member, a former or current Murrow Fellow, the candidate’s employer, or the candidate him or her self. The nomination letter should confirm the candidate’s eligibility as well as providing a brief description of his or her background and why the nominator believes the candidate to be an appropriate prospect for the Fellowship. For those candidates who choose to nominate themselves, their letter should address the same aforementioned issues in addition to providing us with a copy of his or her most recent resume. Nominees who meet the criteria of the Program will then be forwarded an application form to be completed and returned to the Council.

In completing the application form, the candidate will be asked to include:

A statement of no more than 2,500 words summarizing and appraising his or her experience as a foreign correspondent and describing the way in which the Fellowship would contribute to his or her professional development. The statement should present an overall plan of work for the Fellowship year, including the applicant’s proposed writing, and it should indicate how the proposed program of study and writing relates to long-term career goals.

*Deadline for Nominations: February 1, 2002
*Applications Distributed: Late January 2002
*Applications Due: February 28, 2002
*Letters of Support Solicited: March 2002
*Selection Committee Meeting: April 2002
*Announcement of Fellow: April 2002

Any additional information the applicant would like to bring to the Selection Commitee’s attention.

All correspondence should be addressed to:

Elise Carlson Lewis
Vice President, Membership & Fellowship Affairs
Council on Foreign Relations
58 East 68th Street New York, NY 10021
Fax: (212) 434-9801

For immediate inquiries or questions regarding the Program, please call (212) 434-9489 or email

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