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SIAS University:Chinese Language & Cultural Study

SAIS University

This program is designed to immerse participants in Madarin through class instruction, after class tutoring, language exchange with native Mandarin speakers, and optional electives. This program also integrates intensive language study with cultural experience.

Long Term Programs: One Academic Year or more
These programs are ideal for those who wish to devote a significant amount of time to learning and mastering the language.

Short Term Programs:
4-8 Weeks or Summer Session
Designed to focus on developing spoken Chinese and fluency.

US $2,000 long-term tuition (textbooks, housing, and meals not included)
US $1,200 short-term tuition (textbooks, housing, and meals not included)

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SIAS University Los Angeles Office
951 Meridian Ave.Alhambra, CA 91803
Tel: 626-458-3222
Fax: 626-458-3339

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