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University of California, Berkeley:Inter-University Program for Chinese Language Studies

Inter-University Program for Chinese Language Studies

IUP currently offers an Academic Year Program and an 8-week Summer Intensive Program, both located on the Tsinghua University campus in Beijing.

The Inter-University Program for Chinese Language Studies (IUP) administers a Chinese language program designed to enable selected graduate, undergraduate, and professional students, as well as established scholars in the field of Chinese Studies, to achieve broad and independent competence in written and spoken Chinese and to develop the reading skills necessary for academic research or other professional use.

Admission is open to all qualified students from the U.S. Applicants from other English-speaking countries are also eligible for admission, as are others who speak and read English fluently. The IUP considers all applicants on an equal basis, without regard to race, religion, or gender.

Academic Year Program Deadline: 
January 11, 2002. Decisions for the IUP Summer Intensive Program are made by mid-March. Chinese proficiency is determined by transcripts and teacher references.

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