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Challenges to Democracies

The Scholar-Teacher Symposium Series, 2004-2005

The Center for European and Eurasian Studies and The UCLA History Geography Project present "Challenges to Democracies," a year-long workshop series for K-12 teachers. The academic year series will be followed by a one-week summer institute on the same topic, August 8-12, 2005. Please contact the UCLA History-Geography Project for more information about the academic year series. Check this website for updates to the summer program.

Workshop Calendar

October 14

Democracy vs. Republic in the US Constitution
Joyce Appleby, UCLA History

November 18

English Ideas of Democracy: Magna Carta, Parliament, and the Revolution
Muriel McClendon, UCLA History

December 9

Athenian Democracy in Europe
Ronald Mellor, UCLA History

January 20

Post-Communist Democracy in Europe
Arch Getty, UCLA History

February 10

Democractic Movements in Latin American
Jose Moya, UCLA History

March 10


April 14

Democracy and the French Revolution
Lynn Hunt, UCLA History

May 12


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