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Czech Republic

Czech Republic -- Ceska Republika

Government-Sponsored Resources and Diplomatic Information

International Organizations and Development Programs

Internet Resources: General

  • Czech Republic Homepage Everything about the Czech Republic in Czech and in English
  • Slavic and East European Library at the University of Illinois; includes a guide to internet resources and access to their excellent Slavic Reference Service
  • Reenic Excellent collection of internet resources about Central and Eastern Europe, Russia and the Newly Independent States
  • Reesweb The best collection of internet resources about Central and Eastern Europe and Russia
  • East Central European Center at Columbia University

Internet Resources: Culture, Literature and Language

Online News Sites and Servers

  • Radio Prague Radio broadcasts on RealAudio available in five languages including Czech and English
  • Nova Pritomnost Monthly Czech journal about culture, science and politics
  • Central Europe News Daily news on issues concerning the Czech Republic and Central Europe
  • Carolina Weekly news on the Czech Republic in Czech (with English archives to October 2001)
  • Web Radio International Hear broadcasts from countries all over the world

Czech Language Study

Academic and Fellowship Information

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