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Russian Federation -- Rossiyskaya Federatsiya

Government-Sponsored Resources and Diplomatic Information

International Organizations and Development Programs:

Internet Resources: General

  • Slavic and East European Library at the University of Illinois; includes a guide to internet resources and access to their excellent Slavic Reference Service
  • Reenic Excellent collection of internet resources about Central and Eastern Europe, Russia and the Newly Independent States
  • Reesweb The best collection of internet resources about Central and Eastern Europe and Russia
  • Turkic Republics and Communities (Altai, Bashkiria, Chuvashya, Daghestan, etc.)
  • SovInformBuro contains various links on travel, politics, culture, the arts, technology and general web resources

Internet Resources: Culture, Literature and the Arts

  • Library of Congress Soviet Archives Exhibit This is a hyper-media exhibit featuring two parts: the first illustrates domestic and foreign Soviet policy, and the second is dedicated to Soviet-American relations
  • Friends and Partners Contains various links to sites on Russian art, literature, music, culture. Included are direct links to Russian museums and online literature collections
  • Bucknell Russian Program Contains general literary resources as well as information on various Russian writers

Online News Sites and Servers

Bashkir Language Study

Russian Language Study

Academic and Fellowship Information


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