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Benjamin G. Zimmer

Post-Doctoral Fellow in Southeast Asian Studies

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Ben Zimmer received his Ph.D. in Linguistics Anthropology from the University of Chicago in 2002. He wrote his dissertation on "Reshaping Sunda: Language, Territory, and the Sociopolitics of Difference in West Java, Indonesia." A recipient of the CSEAS Ford Foundation Post-Doctoral Fellowship "Crossing Borders: Revitalizing Area Studies," he will spend a year at UCLA continuing his dissertation research on Sudanese and will also expand his focus to the discursive construction of ethnic and linguistic boundaries to the broader regional contexts of Southeast Asia and the Islamic world of the Indian Ocean littoral.

Ben Zimmer is teaching a course at UCLA in Fall 2002 on Discourses of Indonesian Islam. He is also organizing a faculty syposium in Spring 2003 on "Linguistic Circulations among Muslims of the Indian Ocean World."



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