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Money Hungry Students Fed at UCLA International Fellowship Fair
Fellowship Fair, Grand Salon, Kerckhoff Hall

Money Hungry Students Fed at UCLA International Fellowship Fair

Nearly 100 students and faculty members attended the second annual Fellowship Fair sponsored by the UCLA International Institute November 12.

Leslie Evans Email LeslieEvans

Students looking for financial support for their studies gathered in the Grand Salon of Kerckhoff Hall this Tuesday for the Second Annual Fellowship Fair, sponsored by the UCLA International Institute. Tables were set up and staffed by each of the Institute's international centers that has a fellowship program, including the Latin American Center, the African Studies Center, the European and Eurasian Center, and the Near Eastern Center. The relatively new Asia Institute was strongly represented along with a number of its member units that offer student fellowships, such as the Centers for Chinese, Korean, Japanese, and Southeast Asian studies.

The largest single group of awards being offered were the Department of Education FLAS fellowships for intensive language study, which this year were raised to $14,000 plus tuition and fees. Many other fund sources were also available. Altogether some 32 fellowships, large and small, were on offer during the Fair.

Also represented was the Education Abroad Program, whose Administrative Director, Emily Mohajeri Norris, did a lively business in advising students thinking of spending part of their time at UCLA in study at a foreign college or university. Animated discussions took place throughout the hall as students collected information on the requirements and deadlines of those awards in their areas of study.

Coffee, lemonade, sub sandwiches, and apple cake were provided in profusion to lighten the day. Germán Esparza, Institute Awards Coordinator and the main organizer of the Fellowship Fair, provided a soundtrack of international music and declared that a good time was had by all.

Further information is available on the Student Fellowships page of this website, which leads in turn to the detailed specifics on the websites of the units offering the awards.

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