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Frequently Asked Questions regarding study abroad.

Eligibility Questions

Application Questions

Travel & EAP Extension Questions

Academic Questions

Financial Questions

Eligibility Questions

Who's eligible for EAP?

To participate in EAP you must be a fulltime UCLA undergraduate or graduate student. Most programs require that you have at least junior standing (90 units) before departure, but as EAP expands, we now offer several short-term programs that allow participation from students with at least 40 units. Also, seniors are always welcome to apply as long as you are willing to take a full academic course load while abroad.

What is the minimum GPA requirement?

For many programs you must have a 3.0 by the end of the quarter before departure. In many cases, this is enough time to raise your GPA. Plus, a GPA of 2.5 is now enough for some programs, such as many Language and Culture Programs. If you have a GPA that is lower than a 3.0, it is always best to come into the EAP office so we can help you find program possibilities. You can start by exploring the countries you are interested in.

Do I need a foreign language?

Many EAP countries have options that don't require prior knowledge of a foreign language. There are many programs where the language of instruction is English, even if the country itself is not English-speaking. Some programs require that you take courses in the language of the host country while pursuing other coursework in English. EAP also offers many Language and Culture Programs with minimal language prerequisites.

Can I apply if I'm a transfer student?

Absolutely! Although transfer students might have tighter schedules and more to consider when planning on going abroad, the EAP program encourages you to explore your options through us. We send many transfer students abroad every year.

Can I study at UCLA if I am from abroad?

If you are a registered student at one of EAP's host universities you may be eligible to attend UCLA as a non-degree EAP student for anywhere from a quarter to a year. Contact your University's International or Study Abroad Office and ask for help in applying to the Education Abroad Program. For more international exchange student questions, please visit our Reciprocity FAQs page.

Can I go to more than one country through EAP?

Yes, students often participate in more than one EAP program. However, some programs may not allow you to apply while overseas. Check with your EAP counselor for any conditions.

Application Questions

When are applications due?

Applications usually are due six months prior to the program's start date. Please check out UCLA's EAP application deadlines for all countries.

Where can I get an application?

Applications are now online. Click here to begin your online application.

When should I start planning for EAP?

Begin planning for EAP as early as possible. Many programs have specific language and other academic prerequisites. Consider general breadths, elective, and major requirements you should complete at UCLA and which can be done abroad. Determining the right program and completing the application process takes time. The application deadlines for a few programs are almost an entire year before departure, so start planning now.

Travel & EAP Extension Questions

Can I go early or do I have to travel with the group?

Usually students make their own transportation arrangements. Some students travel in the destination country or region before the start of the program. Please note, however, that you are responsible for yourself until the official start of the EAP program abroad. Official start dates are listed in the projected calendars, which appear on each of EAP's country pages.

Can I stay in the country after the program ends?

Yes, if your visa allows it. Keep in mind that once the program has ended, you are responsible for yourself in every way. Some students take advantage of being abroad to stay an extra few weeks or months to travel. You can purchase up to three additional months of health insurance through EAP for coverage outside the U.S. during this period.

Can I extend my participation once abroad?

Yes, in most cases. Students often extend participation from one term to a year, or extend enrollment beyond the regular one-year academic period. In order to facilitate this process while you are abroad, we highly recommend that you submit the pre-departure extension form to your EAP counselor. Even if you think you will not extend, it is better to have this form completed on file so that an extension is possible, assuming that all criteria is met.

Academic Questions

Will the courses I take abroad count toward graduation?

With careful planning and advising from your departmental advisor, you can make normal progress towards graduation.

Will my units and grades transfer?

Yes, you will receive UCLA credit for all classes taken while on EAP. In fact, there is no option of not having the units count. Although your units and grades automatically transfer, please note that it can take several months for them to appear on your DPR (degree progress report).

How many units do I take while abroad?

You are required to take a full-time load while abroad, as if you were at UCLA. What the full-time load is depends on the host university, but it will never be less than the minimum load at UCLA.

Do I have to go for a full year?

No. We offer both short-term and full year programs.

Do I have to study in my major field while abroad?

Some host institutions, such as those in the United Kingdom, require that you take most of your courses in your major field. However, many students choose courses outside their major while abroad to explore new areas, develop their language skills, fulfill GE requirements, or take classes toward a second major or a minor.

What happens to my status at UCLA while I?m on EAP?

You continue to be enrolled and registered at UCLA while you are abroad. Before your departure, the UCLA EAP office notifies the Registrar's office that you will be participating in EAP. Your EAP status will be reflected on your student records and transcript.

I want to graduate the quarter I get back, is that possible?

Technically, no. Since it can take several months for your grades from EAP to show up on your transcript, you must set your official graduation date for at least one quarter after the program finishes. EAP stands ready to explain your situation to graduate schools and other program for which on-time graduation is essential. We will do so in writing at your request.

What happens if I want to quit early?

By withdrawing from EAP you are also withdrawing from UCLA. Your UCLA school or college has the final authority to determine the conditions of readmission. You will be held responsible for any financial aid that has been advanced to you as well as payments due to EAP.

Financial Questions

How much does it cost to go on EAP?

There is a specific budget for each program, which includes the same UC education and registration fees that you would normally pay for a similar period at UCLA, a mandatory insurance fee, room, board, books, round-trip transportation, on-site orientation, intensive language program expenses (where applicable), and personal expenses. Generally, the budgets are equivalent to or less than an off campus UCLA budget for a similar amount of time. There are a few exceptions such as the Japan programs and Siena, Italy. To see program costs for a specific country, check out Program Costs.

Will my financial aid apply and cover all my costs?

As an EAP student, you are eligible for full financial aid. The Financial Aid office increases your aid package if the estimated budget for your country is higher than at UCLA. EAP awards scholarships to assist in keeping the financial aid packages for students as reasonable as possible. In addition, the more expensive programs have automatic scholarships for all first-time participants, not just those on financial aid, to help subsidize the cost.

What types of financial aid are available for EAP students?

As an EAP student, you will receive all the same financial aid you usually receive--grants, scholarships, and loans--except work-study. EAP scholarship funds and loans are awarded to help replace the financial aid students usually receive through work-study.

Who are my finance contacts at the University-wide Office of EAP (UOEAP)?

Please refer to your EAP General Guide or the contacts page for students currently abroad.

To whom do I pay registration fees?

Checks should be made payable to the UOEAP office in Santa Barbara using the payment schedule in the EAP student program guide. If you are a financial aid student your fees will be deducted from your financial aid. Only Stafford loan recipients must pay on their own using the payment schedule. Your registration fees will not appear on your UCLA BAR statement.

How will I receive the financial aid funds?

You must fill out the EAP EFT form and return it to UOEAP for direct deposits. You must fill out this form even if you are signed up for Bruin Direct Deposit. Stafford and PLUS loan checks are mailed to the address supplied on the financial address form.

Who do I contact if I change my address?

Your UOEAP financial coordinator. Also make certain you inform your EAP counselor at UCLA.

Do I need a Power of Attorney while abroad?

You will need to follow up with this form if you receive a Stafford Loan. These checks will be forwarded to your U.S. address and cannot be deposited without prior approval from your bank.

Do I keep a bank account in the U.S. or start one abroad?

This varies by country, so you will want to read your EAP County Guide to make the best decision for you. For example, in Germany you must have a bank account there to pay your rent. Most students maintain a bank account in the U.S., with the assistance of a family member whom is given Power of Attorney or added as an account signatory, and access it from overseas using ATMs. It will be necessary for a student to consult with his or her home bank regarding the possible use of an ATM card in the new host country, and how many digits the PIN for the ATM needs to be, as this varies by country.

For more information on finances while on EAP, visit the UOEAP website:

What if I extend from a semester to a year program while abroad?

Your financial aid will be revised once the extension has been approved by UOEAP.

When do I receive the financial aid disbursements?

For year programs: before departure on December 15, or March 15 for programs in the Southern Hemisphere. For semester programs: before departure. These are the dates for grants/scholarships. Loan disbursement dates vary.

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