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This article was written by Jamie Hughins, a Design | Media Arts major at UCLA who lived inLund, Sweden and contributed to the Travel Guide Urban Lowdown

For those that have a grasp of basic Swedish food and drink terms (or don’t), a visit to could prove rewarding if you have an hankering for something specific come lunch time. The site provides a listing of lunch menus across Sweden, divided into city-specific and food types available for the day selected.

As the daily menus are given for the current week, this is particularly helpful if you’d like to browse what’s on for Friday at the little husmanskost (home-cooking) restaurant down the road or if you’re vegetarian and would like to see the meatless options available at any given place. As dining prices hike up significantly in Sweden for dinner, it’s worthwhile to enjoy a nice meal in the afternoon and skip the evening costs—save that for the pubs!

If you need help with a specific Swedish word, click here for the English translation.

Click here for the Urban Lowdown website.

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