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Past POM publication are located at PROFMEX.

I. Mexico and the World

Mexico and the World is a Web Journal published since 1996 by PROFMEX and the UCLA Program on Mexico. Via electronic transmission, it instantly reaches the general public around the world and our affiliates who are located in such places as Moscow, Paris Cairo, Beijing, Kyoto, Toronto, Havana, and Buenos Aires.

The Journal publishes peer-reviewed articles and current analysis on Mexico's leading world role in dismantling (1) state ownership of industry and (2) control over many different facets of life; and it analyzes the Globalization process in which Mexico in many ways serves as world leader. Comparative research places Mexico's role into perspective in light of the country's global experience.

II. PROFMEX Publication Series

PROFMEX is involved with 4 types of publication series. Follow this link for more information.

PROFMEX Editors:

  • James W. Wilkie (1990-)
  • Jesús Arroyo Alejandre (1998-)
  • Sergio de la Peña (1990-1998)

The Publications Office for PROFMEX is at the University of Guadalajara.


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