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Academic Year Programs

Time flies when you're having fun, especially while studying abroad, so plan to go on EAP for a year. Living in another country provides endless opportunities for adventure and discovery. Uncovering and understanding a new culture or language could easily take years, if not a lifetime.

This year record numbers of UCLA students decided to extend their semester program to a year. The decision to study a full year abroad has a lasting impact. Alumni report that EAP was the best year of their academic career, gave them better options for graduate school and in the job market, and introduced them to new ideas and life-long friends.

At UCLA, we recommend that all prospective students first consider a year-long program. If you cannot go for a year, then check out our many short-term options. If you can do a full-year abroad academically but are not certain if you want to, we encourage you to make an appointment to meet with an EAP counselor to discuss your options. We can also put you in touch with returned students from the program you are considering.

Click on any of the below countries to explore what year-long EAP programs await you.

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