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Short Term Programs

Although a full-year abroad offers a deeper window into the host culture, it is better to spend a quarter, semester, or summer abroad than no time at all. If you cannot leave UCLA for a full year, EAP has numerous other high-quality options for you.

Many of EAP's short-term programs are available to students as early in their university careers as the summer following their freshman year, and many have minimal or no language requirements. Some programs may be used as a means to acquire sufficient language skills to participate in EAP for the full academic year. With advance planning, you may be able to decide while you are abroad whether to extend your program to a year.

A wide variety of short-term programs are available to UCLA students in the following countries:

* Some of the programs in these countries are Language and Culture Programs.

** Short-term programs in these countries are only Language and Culture Programs.

If you are primarily interested to acquire or advance your language skills, visit the Language and Culture page for more details on EAP programs in 14 countries designed with this focus.

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