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Language and Culture Programs

EAP offers instruction in 17 languages other than English, in a variety of forms, including Language, Culture, and Society Programs. The number of UC students involved in language study abroad has increased every year for the past five years.

Language and Culture Programs are all either a quarter or a semester in length. Most are designed for the student who has little or no facility in the target language. Classes focus on oral and written language acquisition, as well as the study of the host country's culture and society. The latter coursework is often, but not necessarily, conducted in English. Courses range from study of local art and architecture to politics and religion.

Most Language and Culture Programs start with an intensive multi-week language session to help students quickly advance their skills. Depending on the program, students may participate in language labs, film screenings, local cultural activities, group excursions and field projects. Some programs offer home stays -- a great way to immerse yourself in the local culture and work on your language skills.

EAP offers Language and Culture Programs at 17 institutions in 14 countries:

  1. Chile (fall)
  2. China (summer)
  3. Denmark (summer)
  4. France (fall)
  5. Germany (spring)
  6. Israel (summer)
  7. Italy (spring, summer, fall, winter)
  8. Japan (fall, spring)
  9. Korea (summer)
  10. Mexico (summer)
  11. Philippines (summer)
  12. Spain (fall, spring)
  13. Sweden (summer)
  14. Vietnam (fall)

In addition to Language and Culture Programs, EAP offers the following opportunities to study language in a variety of countries:

  • Programs that offer full integration into the host university curriculum and language
  • Short-term programs where language learning is a major component
  • Year-long programs where language learning is a major component

Read more about EAP's language options.

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