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UCLA Faculty and Staff

UCLA Faculty and Staff are among the most important supporters of EAP. Most of you have studied, taught, or conducted research abroad. You know first-hand what a rich academic and personal experience studying and living in another country can be.

EAP welcomes the collaboration of faculty, teaching assistants, advisors and staff in a number of ways:

  • Get to know EAP.
  • Explore this website to learn the latest on EAP's program options and student experiences.
  • Encourage your students to consider studying on EAP.
  • Contact us to have a returned student make a brief EAP presentation in your classes or to get brochures to share with your students.
  • Integrate EAP.
  • See how EAP courses meet requirements for your students' academic program.
  • Make EAP a recommended part of your program.
  • Add EAP to your website, and vice versa.
  • Get together with EAP.

We can come to you or have you visit our office to exchange ideas on collaboration and answer each other's questions. We can also present EAP to your department's faculty, T.A.s, and/or advisors.

Go on EAP.

Faculty are invited to explore the ways that they can go abroad through EAP.

Share EAP.

You can bring the EAP host countries alive for outbound students. Whether you have served as an EAP study center director abroad, are a national of an EAP host country, or have some other connection to share, you can be a resource for UCLA's EAP students. Contact the EAP office to see how you can get involved.

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