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Research EAP options

There are many ways to research your EAP program options.

  • Use the PROGRAM WIZARD to help narrow your search for the right program.
  • Use the COURSE FINDER to get an idea of classes that may be available abroad.
  • In-country or discipline-specific information and brochures are online or can be picked up at the EAP office in B300 Murphy Hall.
  • EAP Peer Advisors are available to help students unsure of where to go.
  • Attend a workshop .
  • Our website features articles, slide shows, websites, photo essays and other works by EAP students and returnees.

Choosing a program can be both exciting and a little bit overwhelming. Be sure to start early.

The deadlines for most programs are between nine months to a year before you plan to go abroad and the application process can take several weeks. The EAP office recommends that you start the application process at least one month before the deadline. Be sure to plan carefully so that you can complete all required components of the application.

If you know you want to go abroad, but are undecided about where you want to go, we encourage to attend a workshop or meet with EAP Peer Advisors to discuss your options.

Please keep in mind that you can only apply to one program occurring during an academic term. For example, you may apply to a Fall Semester program in Paris and then also apply for a Spring program in Hungary. However, you cannot apply for both a Fall Semester Program in Spain and a Fall Semester program in Paris, with the intention of selecting which program you want to attend at a later date.

Several EAP programs have more applicants than there are spaces. We encourage you to remain open-minded when selecting a program. While we would like to send all interested students to their preferred program, many of our programs have limited spaces. Applications are provided to students on a first-come, first-serve basis; therefore, you may not be able to apply for your program of interest and should have a back-up program in-mind. Please see our Programs section for alternate possibilities for popular programs.

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