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Russian Entrepreneurs Train in Business in Los Angeles

Russian Entrepreneurs Train in Business in Los Angeles

Ten entrepreneurs from Vladivostok include consultations at UCLA's Anderson School in their itinerary.

Gohar Grigorian Email GoharGrigorian

Ten entrepreneurs from Vladivostok, Russia, arrived to Los Angeles on February 10, 2003 for a four-week training under the auspices of the Community Connections Program sponsored by the Bureau of Educational and Cultural Affairs of the U.S. Department of State and the International Visitors Council of Los Angeles.

As part of their training the group visited UCLA February 19, where they met with Prof. Hans Schollhammer, Professor of Management at the Anderson Graduate School of Management, to discuss U.S. and international business practices and to provide an overview of the UCLA business programs.  In addition to their meeting they had a campus tour, organized by the Internationial Visitor's Bureau of the UCLA International Institute.  They will return to the campus March 6 to attend the European, Eurasian, U.S. Trade Relations Conference, hosted by the Center for European and Eurasian Studies.

During their four-week stay, the group visited various small businesses and companies to understand business practices in action.  Andrei Kondakov, chairman of Pacific Technologies Co., Ltd., wanted to investigate companies involved in the construction of high rises in order to apply techniques to his own civil engineering and construction company.  Natalia Aksanichenko, the Director of the Tourism Department of Rosbi-M Co., Ltd., wanted to visit a travel agency and learn about airline ticketing, working with corporate clients, customer relations, and use of technology. Each of the others in the group visited a firm similar to the one they manage in Vladivostok. One went to an advertising agency, another a bank, others went to a language training center, a printshop, a retail store, a law firm, and a restaurant.

The Community Connections Program has brought over 4,000 small business entrepreneurs and government officials from the former Soviet Union to participate in internships in 47 host communities throughout America.

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