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Finding Housing

Looking for housing?


Finding housing while you are abroad can be a difficult process. In order to make your transtion back to UCLA as smooth as possible we have listed several resources.

If you are interested in university housing, such as on-campus dormitories or off-campus university owned apartments, use the UCLA Housing website. The application and deadlines are on-line.

The UCLA Community Housing Office offers rental housing assistance to UCLA students, faculty and staff. They list and accept advertisements for a variety of living alternatives from the private sector. These listings, updated daily, include rooms in private homes, roommate situations, private residence halls, apartments, houses, and guest houses. This website also includes average rental rates, neighborhood profiles, neighborhood maps, The UCLA Guide to Living Off-Campus, a hotel/motel directory, legal forms, and short term housing options.

There is also the University Cooperative Housing Association (or Co-op for short), which is an independent, inexpensive, non-profit organization, dormitory-apartment like building run by and for those who live here.

In addition, the Education Abroad Program has a housing board which provides a forum for EAP Reciprocity and Returnee students to share information about housing for rent and housing situations wanted in California, near UC campuses.

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