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International Conference on Slavery, Unfree Labour Camps; Revolt in Asia and the Indian Ocean Region

Project Update

Slavery and Resistance in Africa and Asia, Vol. I: Resisting Bondage and Vol. II: Bonds of Resistance.

This is a brief report on the progress my co-editors and I have made in bringing to publication Slavery and Resistance in Africa and Asia, a two-volume book based on papers from the 2001 Avignon Conference on Slavery and Resistance in Asia and the Indian Ocean. The book will be published by Frank Cass Publishers of London. Volume I will be sub-titled Resisting Bondage, and Volume II will be sub-titled Bonds of Resistance. The co-editors are myself, Ned Alpers (UCLA), and Gwyn Campbell (University of Avignon).

The conference was held in May 2001 and was a great success, helped markedly by the original CIRA grant that  covered travel costs for scholars coming from less well-off parts of Asia, the Mid-East, and Eastern Africa. All of the initial grant money was expended in this fashion. In October 2002, we used part of the second, supplementary grant to support travel costs for an editors' meeting in Avignon. The remaining portion of this grant will be used to support a final editors meeting this fall, when we will have received final papers for copy-editing and will need to write the book's Introduction.

Contributions to the volumes are:

Hussein Ahmed, 'Benevolent Masters and Voiceless Subjects: Slavery and the Slave Trade in South Wallo, Ethiopia in the Nineteenth and Twentieth Centuries'

Isabelle Denis, 'La Révolte de 1856 à Mayotte (archipel des Comores)'

Jim Hagan, Rob Castle & Andrew Wells, ' “Unfree” Labour on the Cattle Stations of Northern Australia, the Tea Gardens of Assam, and the Rubber Plantations of Indo-China, 1920-1950'

Nigel Worden 'Revolt in Cape Colony Slave Society'

Gwyn Campbell, 'Slavery, Fanompoana and Revolt in Imperial Madagascar'

Francesca Declich, 'Forms of Resistance to Forced Labour among Communities of ex-Slaves in Southern Somalia during Italian Colonial Times'

Jan-Georg Deutsch, '"Slave Resistance and the Colonial Economy: The Case of German East
Africa, 1890-1914'

Eric T. Jennings, 'Forced Labour in Madagascar under Vichy, 1940-1942: Autarky, Travail force, and Resistance on the Red Island'

Luísa Fernanda Guerreiro Martins 'Résistance(s) à la main-d'œuvre forcée à l'installation coloniale portugaise d'après des sources orales recueillies dans la province de Nampula, Mozambique. Voix et mémoires des résistances: l'oralité comme source historiographique'

G. Roger Knight, 'The Servile and the Free: Forced Labour and Resistance in Sugar Production in Nineteenth Century Java'

Shigeru Sato, 'Forced Labourers and Their Resistance in Java Under the Japanese Military Rule, 1942-1945'

Martin Klein, 'Reflections'


Richard Allen, 'A Serious and Alarming Daily Evil:  Illegal absence, Desertion, and Vagrancy in Colonial Plantation Systems'

Edward A. Alpers, 'The Idea of Marronage: Reflections on Literature and Politics in Réunion'

Omar Eno, 'Gosha/Heer-Goleet” (People of the Forest): Runaway Slaves in the Juba Valley of Southern Somalia'

Michael Salman, 'Resisting Slavery in the Philippines, 1913-1914: Reflections on the Polymorphous Structures of Domination/Resistance and the Reversibility of Comparisons'

Kim Bok-Rae, 'The Resistance of the Korean Nobis (Hereditary Slaves) During the Period of the Chosun Dynasty (1392-1910)'

Timothy Walker, 'Abolishing the Slave Trade in Portuguese India: Documentary Evidence of Popular and Official Resistance to Crown Policy, 1842-1860'

Suzanne Miers, 'Slave Resistance and Rebellion in the Aden Protectorate in the 1930s and

Wendy Wilson Fall, 'Malagasy in Antebellum Maryland and Virginia: Discovering Oral Traditions and Re-Visiting Written Histories'

Janet Hoskins, 'Slaves, Brides and other Gifts: Resistance, Marriage and Inequality in Eastern Indonesia'

Michael Lambek, 'Revolted but Not Revolting: Reflections on the Sakalava Division of Labour and Forms of Subjectification'

Joseph C. Miller, 'Reflections'

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