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New Winter Course: Japanese Feminism/Feminism in Japan

This seminar will examine Japanese Feminism from its beginnings in the late 19th century to the present.

History 197H/201M
Professor Miriam Silverberg
Winter 2004
W 2:00p-4:50p; Bunche Hall 3169

Emphasis will be on the voices of Japanese feminist writers and activists through the examination of the feminist theory, political history, autobiography, and manifestos. This will entail looking at indigenous Japanese feminist thought (Japanese Feminism) along with non-Japanese feminisms that were appropriated and reworked (Feminism in Japan). We will look at relationships among Japanese feminisms such as the thought of the Blue Stockings on the eve of the first world war and the "Lib Movement" of the 1970s. This Japanese trajectory will be placed in relationship to European Socialist Feminism, U.S. Second Wave Feminism, contemporary transnational and mulicultural feminisms, etc. The words of Hiratsuka Raicho should become as familiar as Emma Goldman's oratory and Simone de Beauvoir's philosophy, and the "Housewives' Debated" of early post-World War II Japan.

[Ability to read Japanese recommended but not required]

[Seminar open to graduate students from any department]

[Undergraduate enrollment by permission only]

PTE numbers will be given out at first class.

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