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UCLA Faculty Craft 2 New Research Fields

Under proposals submitted by Professors Andrew Apter and Rogers Brubaker, each with a collaborator at another campus, the Social Science Research Council will steer dissertation writers towards "Black Atlantic Studies" and "Rethinking Europe."

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This summer, PhD-track students will be encouraged to develop dissertation proposals in "Black Atlantic Studies" and on the altered regional, ethnic, and religious identities of Europe, thanks to successful proposals co-written by UCLA Professors Andrew Apter and Rogers Brubaker. Apter, a historian, has a faculty appointment within the UCLA International Institute and chairs its interdisciplinary degree program in African Studies; Brubaker is a sociologist who collaborates with visiting faculty members in the Global Fellows postdoctoral program.

The New York–based Social Science Research Council (SSRC) awards fellowships directly to graduate fellowships, including summer awards of $5,000 each that are linked to its Dissertation Proposal Development Fellowship Program. In the first phase of the 2007 competition, pairs of faculty members from premier research institutions submitted some 60 proposals to support innovative research fields. Five were selected. Apter and Percy C. Hintzen of UC-Berkeley proposed Black Atlantic studies, while Brubaker and John R. Bowen of Washington University in St. Louis conceived "Rethinking Europe: Religion, Ethnicity, Nation."

The SSRC and the research directors are in the final stages of reviewing this year's applications. Graduate students apply directly to SSRC and are ideally in their second or third years of study. The other three successful proposals under the program were for The Political Economy of Redistribution; Visual Culture; and Water Sustainability: Society, Politics, Culture.

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