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Theorizing the Dynamics of Core-Periphery Relations

A conference held on January 30-31, 2004, at the Clark Library

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Friday, January 19th
9:30am Coffee   
10:00am Peter H. Reill
Welcoming Remarks
Session 1  Chaired by Gail Kligman, UCLA 

Herman van der Wee, Katholieke Universiteit Leuven 
The Core-Periphery Problem during the Late Middle Ages and Early Modern Period 
Robert Brenner, UCLA
What is Underdevelopment? Historical Perspectives 
12:30pm Lunch 
Session 2 Chaired by Geoffrey Symcox, UCLA 
Daniel Chirot, University of Washington, Seattle
Theories and Realities: What are the Causes of Backwardness? 
Eugen Weber, UCLA
At the Interface of Periphery and Center 
4:30pm Reception 

Saturday January 31 
9:30am Coffee 

10:00 am 
Session 3 Chaired by Teofilo Ruiz, UCLA 

Eric Hobsbawm, Birbeck College, University of London
From West European to World Science: Academic Research in the Era of Globalization, Eighteenth to the Twentieth Centuries 
Iván T. Berend, UCLA
Globalization and Its Impact on Core-Periphery Relations 

Michael Mann, UCLA

1:00pm Lunch

Session 4 Chaired by David Sabean, UCLA 

Jürgen Kocka, Freie Universität Berlin/Wissenschaftcentrum Berlin für Sozialforschung
Cores, Peripheries, and the History of Civil Society in Europe 

Iván Szelényi, Yale University
The Rise and Fall of the Second Bildungsbürgertum: Making Capitalism with Capitalists

Perry Anderson, UCLA


Sponsored by the UCLA Center for 17th- & 18th-Century Studies, The William Anderson Clark Memorial Library, UCLA Center for European and Eurasian Studies, UCLA Center for Social Theory and Comparative History, UCLA Department of History, Eugen Weber Chair of Modern European History at UCLA.

Arranged by Robert Brenner, UCLA; Peter H. Reill, UCLA; Balázs Szelényi, Library of Congress

Registration is free for students, $15 for UCLA Faculty and Staff, $25 for all others. Please contact the UCLA Center for 17th- & 18th-Century Studies for more information: (310) 206-8552.

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