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Discussion of the film "Darfur Now"

Ted Braun, film director, Stephen Rapp, former chief prosecutor for the United Nations-International Criminal Tribunal for Rwanda, Edward Alpers, UCLA History Chair, along with UCLA alum and activist Adam Sterling.

Complexities can't be an excuse for not taking action.

This podcast is a recording of the panel discussion which immediately followed the film DARFUR NOW featuring the below-noted panelists:

  • Stephen Rapp, former Chief Prosecutor United Nations-International Criminal Tribunal for Rwanda;

  • Adam Sterling, Executive Director of Sudan Divestment Task Force and subject in Darfur Now; and,

  • Edward A. Alpers, Professor and Chair of the UCLA History Department.

  • Ted Braun, Director of Darfur Now 

The panel was moderated by Melody Barnes, Executive Vice President for Policy, Center for American Progress.

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