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Latin American Center Workshops Examine Issues Facing Argentina, Brazil and Mexico

Topical issues in Latin America are the focus of a yearlong series of public, interdisciplinary workshops.

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"A space for academic deliberation that includes ... the larger community by top scholars in the region."

The Latin American Center Interdisciplinary Workshops spotlight concerns in Argentina, Brazil and Mexico relating to four fields: culture and education, political economy, environment and public health, and the arts and humanities.

The purpose of the workshop series is multifold. Besides stimulating an exchange of ideas and intellectual development among faculty, graduate and undergraduate students and policymakers, organizers hope to draw the public at large into the dialogue. Another goal is the establishment of long-standing relationships with scholars and institutions in Latin America that will lead to collaborative and interdisciplinary projects.

"What we aim to accomplish through these workshops," said Carlos A. Torres, director of the Latin American Center, "is to constitute a space for academic deliberation that includes public presentations to the larger Los Angeles community interested in Latin American Studies by top scholars in the region."

Another major component of the workshops is the development of a model for capacity building in Latin America, a major goal of the Hewlett Foundation, whose generous funding is supporting the series.

"This involves our creating opportunities for junior Latin American faculty members with masters' degrees to pursue doctoral work at UCLA departments and professional schools," Torres said.

Torres sees such opportunities as benefiting both the student and UCLA. "As has been our experience in the past, these graduate students return home having earned their Ph.D.s, and become colleagues who then enhance the presence of UCLA in Latin America," he said.

The Latin American Center Interdisciplinary Workshops are supported by the Hewlett Foundation. All workshops are free, in English and open to the public. Parking is available on campus for $6. For further information call the Latin American Center at (310) 825-4571.



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