Globalized India and Muslim Modernities: Beyond Hybridity and Fundamentalism

By Professor Ruhi Khan, Department of Media and Cultural Studies, UCR

Wednesday, April 9, 2014

1:00 PM - 2:00 PM
UCLA 10383 Bunche Hall

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Pepsi, Lays and other Globalities in Jamia Enclave New Delhi


About the Lecture

This talk explores Indian Muslim youth’s emergent subjectivities within contexts of far-reaching changes in Indian society wrought by processes of economic liberalization, globalization and revolutions in communication technologies.  Stressing the inexorability of globalizing processes, it analyzes how subjectivities of Indian Muslim youth have become implicated in global flows, thereby challenging the stereotypes of inertness and inflexibility which define them. However, it argues that youth’s new politics expressed in their desires for assimilation and participation compared to the older generations’ isolationist stance cannot be theorized as postcolonial notion of hybridity, because this generation has also taken a more aggressive stance in asserting its Islamic identity. It proposes “convoluted modernity” as a more suitable framework because it takes into account the inherent struggles and argues that only by internalizing modernity’s key premises can the youth begin to oppose it.


About the Speaker

Tabassum “Ruhi” Khan is Assistant Professor in the Department of Media and Cultural Studies at University of California, Riverside. She received her PhD from Ohio University in June 2009 and a Masters degree from Syracuse University in 1998.


She teaches courses analyzing intersections of media and popular culture within neoliberal globalized contexts.


Her research interests include, the articulations of religious identities in pluralist, media saturated, globalized worlds, and the potential for political participation afforded by digital interactive spheres to minority and marginalized populations. Specifically, she focuses on emerging Muslim identity in globalized India.


Dr. Khan is also a film maker and has worked as producer and channel manager with Discovery Channels International, National Geographic Channel, and STAR TV, in Washington DC, New Delhi and Hong Kong.



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