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Directions to UCLA





How Repressive Is the Chinese Government in Tibet?
Scholar tells skeptical audience that claims by Tibetan exiles of Chinese cultural discrimination are greatly exaggerated.





What do Asians think?
Pew Center survey reveals Asian attitudes about their own lives, their nations, the world, and the United States. New Asia Institute pages summarize findings on Asia.





Kyoto Protocol Said to Harm Effort to Stop Global Warming--But There Is Something Better
Marco Verweij, senior research fellow at the Max Planck Project Group on Common Goods, Bonn, urges abandonment of the Kyoto project and its replacement with a crash program to develop cheap renewable energy technologies.





Hollywood Faces New Competition: World Film Industry Is Globalization at Its Best
A new study by UCLA's Ronald W. Burkle Center for International Relations shows growing Asian competition for the Hollywood film industry. But this may not be a bad thing. Columnist Tom Plate reports.





One year after 9/11: What Has Really Changed?
The globalization-as-Americanization nexus seems all the tighter now, with people the world over increasingly likely to blame the United States for all their discontents.





Searching for Punk Rock in Korea with Tim Tangherlini
Meg Sullivan's faculty profile on Tangherlini, a UCLA folklorist, originally appeared in UCLA Today.





Where is China Going?
Remarks of Richard Baum at the Foreign Correspondents Club, Beijing, December 13, 2002





UCLA Samahang Pilipino Cultural Night, May 19, 2002
Cast of 300 enthralls audience of 2,500 at Royce Hall for 25th annual performance of Filipino music and dances. Skit probes tense relations between the Philippines and developed countries.





Talking Peace
by President Jimmy Carter, 2002 Nobel Peace Prize awardee from a speech given 2001 at the Burkle Center for International Relations.





China Expo-USA Comes to the LA Convention Center
December 6 to 8





Wilbur Woo Sessions Assess Greater China Economy
China's middle class is growing rapidly, economists tell special sessions of annual UCLA Anderson Forecast conference. Mickey Kantor calls for improved trade.





Constructive Suggestions on Kashmir Conflict Emerge at UCLA Conference
Despite a ruckus between unruly hardliners, a recent conference on the conflict in Kashmir represented a general sense of cooperation and a willingness to seek consensus.





Travel and Expense Reimbursement
U.S. Travel, Foreign Travel, Ticket Purchase, Visa Info, Printable Forms





UCLA a Pioneer in Heritage Language Instruction, including Asian Languages
UCLA is helping to develop an invaluable American resource -- heritage language speakers. UCLA Today details the effort in several languages including Chinese and Korean with plans to offer such instruction in Thai and other South and Southeast Asian languages.





UCLA's Anthony Reid Named Fukuoka Laureate
UCLA historian Anthony Reid was named July 1 as a recipient of the prestigious Fukuoka Asian Culture Prize for his work in Southeast Asian historiography.





HIV/AIDS Crisis in Africa: A Threat to World Peace and Security
Experts to Convene at UCLA to Examine World Response





China and Japan: Where Are They Headed?
How serious is the recession in Japan? What are China's prospects for achieving democracy? Will China and Japan form an East Asian superpower? Three prominent authorities look at the answers.





African Studies Center Cosponsors Exhibit on Art and HIV/AIDS in KwaZulu Natal
"'Break the Silence': Art and HIV/AIDS in KwaZulu Natal" Exhibit Opens February 17 at UCLA's Fowler Museum





Hiring Employees
Instructions, Links





UCLA Doctor Assists Bali Bomb Victims
Arthur Sorrell, UCLA ER Specialist in Bali to teach at the Bali International Medical Center, wound up joining Indonesian colleagues treating victims of the October 12 terrorist attack.





15th Sammy Yukuan Lee Lecture Honors Sammy Lee's 100th Birthday
Dr. Stephen Little probes the forgotten history of the Ming Court's deep involvement with the Daoist religion.





Japanese Imperialism/Colonialism in "Manchuria" Project
Mariko Tamanoi
Associate Professor, Department of Anthropology
University of California, Los Angeles





Yegor Gaidar: Russia Has Done Better than You Think
Why has the Russian economy done so badly in the transition to a market system since the end of the Soviet Union in 1991? For Yegor Gaidar, former Russian Prime Minister and a powerful figure in current Russian economic policy, this is the wrong question. For Gaidar the question should be how did Russia do as well as it has, and escape the complete economic collapse that threatened to overwhelm it at several junctures over the last decade?





Ambassadors Weigh U.S.-Korea Relations, Relations with North Korea
President Bush's Axis of Evil speech criticized by South Korean Ambassador, defended by U.S. Ambassador to South Korea in friendly exchange.





Samuel Aroni, Peripatetic Ambassador for UCLA International Linkage Programs
As a tireless promotor of international collaboration, Professor Emeritus Samuel Aroni has worked for two decades to establish joint research programs with UCLA faculty in Israel, Australia, and France.





Gorbachev Warns Los Angeles Meeting of Impending Crisis in World Water Supplies; Panelists Discuss Dangers of Global Warming
Two hundred people at environmental conference hear expert panel on impacts and causes of global warming. Former Soviet President points to Middle East as especially at risk of deadly drought.





The Impact of Globalization on World Peace
The Fifth Annual Arnold C. Harberger Distinguished Lecture delivered by Thomas L. Friedman, Foreign Affairs Columnist for The New York Times at UCLA, January 17, 2001





Wagatsuma Fellowship Applications Available Now
Hiroshi Wagatsuma Memorial Fund Fellowship Application for 2006-2007, Deadline: March 1, 2006.





Bruin ID Cards
New and Lost Cards





Decentralization Didn't Work in Argentine Education Historian Says
World Bank plan to decentralize Argentina's education system did more harm than good Buenos Aires historian tells educators at UCLA.





Southern California Plans Defenses against Bioterror Attack
How can local government get information soon enough to control the spread of the disease if we are hit with a bioterrorist attack? What stockpiles are there of vaccines and protective clothing? How do you decontaminate people or buildings that have been exposed? How can you treat large numbers of people who have highly contagious diseases with a high mortality rate without spreading the disease to your medical staff?





Budget Preparation
Federal Grant Preparation, Non-Federal Grants, UCLA Policies, Reference Info.





China Investing - the growth and future of China's capital markets
Laura Cha, vice chair of China's securities regulatory agency, recently visited UCLA and spoke on the growth and future of China's capital markets. Her presentation is now available online.





White House Fellowship Program
White House Fellows spend a year as full-time, paid assistants to senior White House staff, the Vice President, Cabinet officers and other top-ranking government officials. Their assignments demand a capacity for quick learning and a willingness to work hard.





"African Arts" Explores Issues of Identity and Representation in African Cultures
Autumn 2001 Issue





Balinese Gamelan Performance
On September 28, 2002, the Wilshire Ebell Theater reverberated with the rich tones of Balinese gamelan music, as a large audience enjoyed an evening of music and dance from the Çudamani ensemble of Bali.





Doctors Without Borders Head to Speak on Post-9/11 Humanitarian Action
Nicolas de Torrente, Executive Director of Doctors Without Borders and 1999 Nobel Peace Prize Recipient to Speak





Advisory for Wednesday-Thursday, May 29-30: Bioterrorism: From Foreign Policy to Local Preparedness
Experts to Discuss Political, Clinical and Practical Issues of "Bioterrorism in the New World Order"





Remapping Taiwan: Histories and Cultures in the Context of Globalization
The Fifth Annual Conference on the History and Cultures of Taiwan at the University of California, Los Angeles, October 13-15, 2000





Near Eastern Center Provides Diversity Training for MTV Staff
Discussion of Islam, terrorism, and the Palestinian problem highlight visit to UCLA. Session ends on light note with a look at Arabic music sites.





Iraq Options Debated by UCLA Panel
A volatile overflow crowd of students, faculty, and community members jammed an auditorium in Kinsey Hall on the UCLA campus October 16 to hear a discussion of U.S. options vis-a-vis Iraq.





UCLA International Hosts L.A. Preview Screening of Bringing Down A Dictator
The extraordinary story of the overthrow of the Butcher of the Balkans by an avowedly nonviolent group of student revolutionaries is captured in a one-hour documentary film premiering nationally on Sunday, March 31 on PBS.





Estimating Employee Benefit Costs
Grant Proposals





Local Governance in China and India
Sino-Indian-U.S. Research Project Launched





Employee Benefits
Health Care, Extension Classes, Links





Too old to learn Chinese?
UCLA grad student Shuwana Farmer discusses her experiences returning to college and taking on the study of China.





Shanghai Delegation Arrives for Seminar on US-China Relations
On January 25, the Center for Chinese Studies sponsored a seminar on U.S.-China relations, held with a delegation from the Shanghai Institute of International Studies (SIIS)





Reconfiguring Colonialism: Negotiations on Colonial Cultures in Japan, Korea and Taiwan
This graduate student conference examines various colonial and post-colonial sites/moments of negotiation, tension, and dispersion.





Guest Contact
Invitations, Guest Folders, Event Itinerary





Event Publicity
Flyers, Bulk Mail, Posting, Website, External Media





Mantle Hood Receives USINDO Award
Founder of the Institute of Ethnomusicology at UCLA, Emeritus Professor Mantle Hood has recently been awarded the USINDO award for his significant contribution to the United States-Indonesian bilateral relationship. The award was given to him in Washington D.C on September 12, 2002 at the second annual USINDO dinner to celebrate bilateral ties. In attendance at the dinner were the Indonesian minister of foreign affairs and various U.S. congressional members.





International Conference on Slavery, Unfree Labour Camps; Revolt in Asia and the Indian Ocean Region
Michael Salman
Associate Professor, Department of History
University of California, Los Angeles





2nd National Conference on Heritage Languages in America
The United States has a long history of educational programs to help immigrant, refugee, and native American students improve their command of English. However, relatively few educational programs have recognized the languages of these students as a valuable national resource.





Latin American Center Workshops Examine Issues Facing Argentina, Brazil and Mexico
Topical issues in Latin America are the focus of a yearlong series of public, interdisciplinary workshops.





After the End: Hong Kong Culture after 1997
May 25-26, 2001, Royce 306





ISOP Launches New IDP in Southeast Asian Studies
Southern California's only interdepartmental degree program devoted exclusively to Southeast Asian studies will be launched this fall through ISOP. The program will offer both a Bachelor of Arts degree and an undergraduate minor.





1000 High School Students Participate in 10th Annual UCLA Model UN Conference
Sessions marked by serious debate of tough issues.





One-time Payment Form/Honoraria
Policies, Printable Forms





2001-2002 FLAS Recipients
The following information lists the recipients for the 2001-2002 Southeast Asian Studies FLAS recipients.





Warren Christopher Gives Mixed Marks for Bush Foreign Policy
On January 23 former US Secretary of State Warren Christopher delivered the 22nd Bernard Brodie Distinguished Lecture for the Conditions of Peace. Sponsored annually by the Ronald W. Burkle Center for International Relations, this year’s lecture focused on a one-year assessment of the Bush administration's foreign policy.





Roots of the Economic Crisis in Post-Democratization Korea
In the decade before the crash of 1997 South Korea witnessed unprecedented growth and an extraordinary level of popular agreement on national goals. Why, then, were the government and corporations blindsided by the impending crash? A Korean scholar suggests an answer.





Comparative Studies of (Post-) Colonial Cultures in East Asia: Japan, Korea, Taiwan
Chris Hanscom, Todd Henry, Ruei-suei Sun
Graduate students: EALC, Department of History, Department of Urban Planning
University of California, Los Angeles





Salary Scales
Salary Scale Links





Homo Economicus Goes to War: Methodological Invidividualism, Rational Choice and the Political Economy of War
By C. Cramer, University of London, UK. Reading for week of November 26th, 2002.





Senegal Trip Boosts Upcoming Sufi Arts Exhibit
Allen F. Roberts, director of the James S. Coleman African Studies Center, spent 10 days in Senegal this past December with colleagues from the UCLA Fowler Museum of Cultural History.





Engineers Make Plans to Reconstruct Afghanistan
World Federation of Engineering Organizations Pledges Aid to Afghan Reconstruction





Indonesia Wrestles with Troubled Past
UCLA conference examines a nation's challenge of reviving a collective memory





Humanitarian Action Post 9/11: Doctors Without Borders Head Speaks Out
Nicolas de Torrenté, executive director of Médecins Sans Frontières (Doctors Without Borders), spoke about the challenges facing humanitarian aid agencies.





Britain's Growing Collaboration with the European Union on a Pan-Europe Defense System
Tony Blair commits Britain to join the EU in creating a 200,000 troop military that can deploy 60,000 troops on immediate notice.





Audio-Visual Equipment
Reservation and Contact Info.










President Bush Silent on Potential Costs of War with Iraq
Gary Hart sharply criticized President Bush and the American military at a UCLA luncheon address on Wednesday, October 2, 2002, for not forthrightly telling the American people the possible risks in a U.S. attack on Iraq.





Developing a Web-Based Language Program
ISOP's Language Resource Program received $300,000 from the Department of Education for a three-year project.





The Newest Old World
Mention the "Indian Ocean World" to most people and they will ask "what is it?" Find out at "Cultural Exchange and Transformation in the Indian Ocean World" on April 5-6.





UC Pacific Rim Research Program
The University of California Pacific Rim Research Program is a competitive grants program primarily supporting collaborative research by UC faculty and graduate students and their colleagues in other institutions.





Time Reporting
Printable Time Sheets, Policies





John B. Duncan Named Director of UCLA Center for Korean Studies
John B. Duncan has been named director of the UCLA Center for Korean Studies, a center at International Studies and Overseas Programs (ISOP), effective July 1.





Update Personal Information/Tax Withholdings/403b
On-line Updating





UNAM Rector Proposes New Agenda for International Collaboration
“We need to educate our students and ourselves to become better global participants, able to understand other people on their own terms while also deepening an appreciation for our own heritages. Globalization aided by the development of intercultural competence offers such a promise.”





Hiring Graduate Students
Employment, Fee Remissions, Useful Links





Advisory for Thursday, April 25: Nobel Laureate Robert Mundell to Speak
Robert A. Mundell, recipient of the 1999 Nobel Memorial Prize in Economic Sciences, will speak on "Macroeconomic Stabilization Policies and Economic Development" when he delivers the 6th annual Arnold C. Harberger Distinguished Lecture on Economic Development.





Summer opportunity for grad students in language and technology
A fantastic opportunity to apply for a 3-week summer training program in the use of technology for language instruction





UCLA Van Services, Reservations, Printable Forms





UCLA Transporation Services
Staff Parking, Carpooling, Links





John N. Hawkins to Head Center for International and Development Education at UCLA
Former ISOP dean will lead research on reform, change and strategy in global higher education





New Joint Initiative Aims to Help Children in Crisis
The Center for Near Eastern Studies has teamed up with UCLA's Graduate School of Education and Information Studies, and Relief International to create the new colloquium.





Los Angeles County Teachers Explore Islam in the Contemporary World
Workshop sheds light on the diverse forms and meanings of Islam in the daily lives of Muslims.





Equipment Rental, Policies, Weekend Events





Payroll Services
Pay Checks, Tax Info., Links





Allen F. Roberts to Head James S. Coleman African Studies Center
Allen F. Roberts has been named director of the UCLA James S. Coleman African Studies Center.





Order, Disorder and Economic Change: Latin America vs. North America
by Douglass C. North, William Summerhill, and Barry R. Weingast. Reading for Week of October 1st, 2002





Culture and Customs of China
China Center Assistant Director Publishes Popular Book on China





Iraq: Assessing the Options
The UCLA International Institute and the Burkle Center for International Relations will host a public forum at UCLA on October 16 to explore the issues involved in the emerging U.S. foreign policy about Iraq.





Institute Names New Director of Development
The UCLA International Institute Welcomes Steve Gamer as Director of Development for International Studies





Two New Chinese Electronic Databases Added to East Asian Collection
The Richard C. Rudolph East Asian Library has recently added two online Chinese databases that should be of great use to researchers in a wide variety of subjects, from ancient philosophy to contemporary zoology, and just about everything in between.





UC Students, Staff, and Faculty Exempt from Cuba Travel Ban
Approvals in as little as 24 hours for wide ranging educational experiences in Cuba.





UCLA Graduate Wins Urban History Association Book Prize
Jan. 7, 2002: The Urban History Association names Hanchao Lu's Beyond the Neon Lights: Everyday Life in Early Twentieth Century Shanghai the best non-North American urban history study published in 1999 or 2000.





Advisory For Friday, March 15: Experts to Discuss U.S.-European Union Trade Relations
Experts to discuss practical issues for U.S.-European Union business relationships and the impact of the Euro





Staff Training and Development Classes
Class listings, Enrollment information





The 20th Century Through Russian Eyes
The 20th Century Through Russian Eyes is a workshop series and summer institute for local educators.





UCLA Student Volunteers Trek to China's Hinterland to Promote English-language Training
Eleven students spend three weeks in mountain villages of Qinghai helping local students and teachers prepare for grant writing development effort.





INRUDA's Secretariat
INRUDA is administered by a three-person Secretariat





States and Markets: The Advantage of an Early Start
by Valerie Bockstette, Louis Putterman
Reading for week of December 10, 2002





At The Event
Sign-Up Sheet, Refreshments, Signage, Publicity Coverage





Private States and the Enforcement of Property Rights--Theory and Evidence on the Origins of the Siciliam Mafia
By: Oriana Bandiera. Reading for the week of April 23rd, 2002.





Reconfiguring Colonialism: Negotiations of Colonial Cultures in Japan, Korea and Taiwan
A CIRA Graduate Student Conference at UCLA Saturday, February 8, 2003





Southeast Asian Studies Summer Institute
The Southeast Asian Studies Summer Institute (SEASSI) is a nine-week intensive language training program for undergraduate and graduate students and professionals at the University of Wisconsin, Madison.





Biogeography and Long-Run Economic Development
By: Douglas Hibbs and Ola Olsson. Reading for the week of May 7th, 2002.





US-EU Trade Relations Conference
The Center for European and Russian Studies partners with the World Trade Center Association Los Angeles-Long Beach to present a conference of interest to scholars and the Los Angeles international busines community





Odyssey Through Copyrights Vicarious Defenses
By: David Nimmer. Reading for week of Sept. 24th, 2002





Large Currency Blocs Needed for Stable Development, Nobel Laureate Urges
Nobel economist Robert A. Mundell tells UCLA audience small countries suffer from floating exchange rates and should tie their currencies to the dollar.





The Roots of Latin American Protectionism: Looking Before the Great Depression
By: John H. Coatsworth and Jeffrey G. Williamson. Reading for Week of Oct. 8th,2002





A Vision of the Growth Process
By: Arnold C. Harberger. Reading for week of September 10th,2002





Tropics, Germs, and Crops:How Endowments Influence Economic Development
By William Easterly and Ross Levine. Reading for Week of Oct. 15th, 2002





Viet Nam: Beyond the Frontiers Conference
The University of California at Los Angeles is pleased to announce a conference to highlight new understandings on the transnational character of Vietnamese Studies on May 11-12, 2001.





The Deaths of Manufacturing Plants
By Andrew B. Bernard, J. Bradford Jensen .Reading for the week of September 17th,2002





INRUDA's Steering Committee
INRUDA's Steering Committee consists of 25 people from 15 countries.





Sensibilities of Transformation: The Linguistic Turn and Contemporary Japanese Literary Criticism
UCLA April 19-20, 2002
Herbert Morris Seminar Room
306 Royce Hall





How Does Natural Resource Wealth Influence Civil War?
By: Michael Ross, Reading for the week January 7, 2003





Major Work on Confucianism in Asia Published by UCLA Asian Pacific Monograph Series
The first sustained, multidisciplinary reevaluation of Confucianism in East and Southeast Asia.





Let's Take the Con Out of Econometrics
By: Ed Leamer. Reading for week of November 12th,2002





How Do Self-enforcing Institutions Endogenously Change? Institutional Reinforcement and Quasi-Parameters
By: Avner Greif and David D. Laitin. Reading for week of November 19th,2002.





PRRP Grant Awardees, Academic Year 1997-1998
UCLA Pacific Rim Research Program Awardees, 1997-1998





Benjamin Zimmer, 2002-2003 CSEAS Post-Doctoral Fellow
Benjamin Zimmer will join the Center as a postdoctoral fellow in Fall 2002, upon finishing his dissertation in the Department of Anthropology at the University of Chicago entitled Being Sundanese, Speaking Sundansese: The Sociopolitics of Linguistic Differentiation in the Highlands of West Java, Indonesia.





International Studies Open House
Explore Global Windows of Opportunity Monday, January 14, 2002





Institutions Rule: The Primacy of Institutions Over Geography and Integration in Economic Development
By: Dani Rodrik, Arvind Subramanian, Francesco Trebbi. Reading for December 17, 2002





PRRP Grant Awardees, Academic Year 2001-2002
UCLA Pacific Rim Research Program Awardees, 2001-2002





2000-2001 FLAS Recipients
The following information lists the recipients for the 2000-2001 Southeast Asian Studies FLAS recipients.





Political Insecurity and Financial Market Liberalization
With guest speaker Christopher Way, Cornell University on January 10, 2003.





Home and Abroad: A Diplomat Speaks on US Policy to Hometown L.A.
A State Department sponsored program that sends diplomats to their hometowns brings a top official and former Angeleno to speak to local groups on home turf.





2002-2003 FLAS Recipients
The following information lists the recipients for the 2002-2003 Southeast Asian Studies FLAS recipients.





UCLA International Hosts LA -Based Foreign Diplomats
Annual Consular Corps October 11, 2001





Viet Nam: Beyond the Frontiers
Nhung Tuyet Tran
Department of History
University of California, Los Angeles





Majoritarian Electoral Systems and Consumer Power Price Level Evidence From the OECD Countries
Ronald Rogowski (UCLA) and Mark Andreas Kayser (Univeristy of Rochester)





The Curley Effect
by Edward L. Glaeser (Harvard University & NBER) and Andrei Shleifer (Harvard University & NBER)





Civil Rights Challenges Around the World Will Be Highlighted
On Friday, May 3, scholars from several Southern California universities will gather at the UCLA Faculty Center to discuss civil rights issues in light of recent events.





CCGR Call For Proposals
2002 Call for Proposals





Book Prize to Director of Language Resource Progam
"The Learning and Teaching of Slavic Languages and Cultures" by Olga Kagan Praised.





'Europe Through the Ages' Takes Teachers Back in Time
Special Workshop for Teachers is Collaboration with Center X and History-Geography Project





UCLA and Adelphia Communications Create New World Affairs Television Program
A television series that brings a West Coast voice to the key issues in global affairs that have emerged since the Sept. 11 terrorist attacks.





"Latin American Lore" Explores Mesoamerican Religiosity
Why did the peoples of Mesoamerica believe that a mystic cord transmits energy from the spirit world to the human one?





Samahang Pilipino
Samahang Pilipino's purpose is to maintain and disseminate the cultural heritage of the Pilipino and the Pilipino American experience, to be a source of discussion and participation in cultural issues that answer to the Pilipino community as well as other ethnic minorities, and to actively promote social interaction.





Soft News and Isolationism in American Public Opinion
"Circling the Wagons: Soft News and Isolationism in American Public Opinion" with guest speaker Matthew Baum, UCLA on December 6,2002.





Hien Thi Nguyen, 2003-2004 CSEAS Post-Doctoral Fellow
Hien Thi Nguyen will join CSEAS as a post-doctoral fellow in the fall of AY 2003-04 upon finishing her dissertation at Indiana University. 





Explaining Murderous Ethnic Cleansing
By Michael Mann. Reading for week of October 22th, 2002





A Theory of Collective Reputations (with applications to the persisitence of corruptions and to firm quality)
By: Jean Tirole, Reading for the week of May 12th, 2002.





Teaching Human Rights in Thailand
Demands for personal liberty make headway against claims that they contradict Asian values.





Advisory for Wednesday, January 23: Warren Christopher to Speak on Bush Foreign Policy
Warren M. Christopher, the nation's 63rd secretary of state, will speak at UCLA on "Foreign Policy of the Bush Administration: A One-Year Assessment."





Political Economist Geoffrey Garrett to Lead International Studies at UCLA
Geoffrey Garrett has been named vice provost at the UCLAs College of Letters and Science, and assumed directorship of International Studies and Overseas Programs (ISOP), effective July 1, 2001.





Fiscal Decentralization, Legislative Institutions and Particularistic Spending
By: Alberto Diaz-Cayeros et al. Reading for week of October 29th, 2002





Vietnamese Student Union
Established in 1977, the Vietnamese Student Union is the official representative body for Vietnamese students at UCLA.





New Opportunities in Baltic Studies
The Center for European and Russian Studies joins the BALSSI consortium.





Summer 2002 Courses in Southeast Asian Studies
Please use this information to help you select available courses at UCLA about Southeast Asian Studies





Biogeography and Long Run Economic Development
by Ola Olsson (Goteborg University) and Douglas A. Hibbs Jr. (Goteborg University)





Unintended Consequences: The Impact of Factor Endowments, Culture, and Politics on Long-Run Economic Performance
By: Deepak Lal. Reading for week of November 5th,2002





The Evolution of Suffrage Institutions in the New World
by Stanley L. Engerman (University of Rochester & NBER) and Kenneth Sokoloff (UCLA & NBER)





Nuclear Weapons: The Critical Decisions
Undergraduate Course taught by Professor Michael Intriligator, Professor of Economics, Political Science, and Policy Studies. Open only to seniors at UCLA.





Gift to ISOP Sets Business Forecast's Sights on 'Greater China'
A generous gift to UCLA International Studies from Wilbur K Woo will fund a conference on Asian economy as part of the renowned Anderson Forecast





The Treaty of Nice: Institutional Reform and the Impact of Intergovernmental and Domestic Veto players
Thomas Koenig, University of Konstanz on January 31, 2003.





What Makes Threats Credible? Reputation and Power in the Cuban Missile Crisis
With guest speaker, Daryl Press, Dartmouth University on January 24,2003.





United Khmer Students
The purpose of UCS is to encourage academic goals, enhance culture awareness, and provide outreach and retention.





A Sampling of Asian Comment on the 9/11 Attacks and Their Aftermath: East Asia
Focus on East Asia





A Sampling of Asian Comment on the 9/11 Attacks and Their Aftermath: South Asia
Focus on South Asia





PRRP Grant Awardees, Academic Year 1998-1999
UCLA Pacific Rim Research Program Awardees, 1998-1999





Study Abroad After 9/11: Meeting Challenges in a Changing World
On September 11 some 400 UCLA students were studying abroad through the UC Education Abroad Program (EAP). Emily Mohajeri Norris, the new administrative director of the UCLA EAP office, looks at how the program and its students see study abroad in light of recent events.





PRRP Grant Awardees, Academic Year 2002-2003
UCLA Pacific Rim Research Program Awardees, 2002-2003





16th Annual Sammy Yukuan Lee Lecture on Chinese Archaeology and Art
You are invited to attend a public lecture by Raoul Birnbaum on "special Buddhist monks" and how they have been represented in Chinese art.





Asian Pacific Monograph Series Publishes New Edition of Key Work on Chinese Intellectual History
UCLA Asian Pacific Monograph Series announces publication of new edition of From Philosophy to Philology: Intellectual and Social Aspects of Change in Late Imperial China.





Catalog of Asian Language Programs
This summer is the perfect time to study an Asian language!





UCLA's Library Collections in Asian Studies
The Richard C. Rudolph East Asian Library was established in 1948 to support the University's teaching and research programs in East Asian Studies.





UCLA Today Interviews Mariko Bird
The assistant director of the Center for Japanese Studies, well-known to her friends and colleagues at UCLA International Studies, now also gets '15 Seconds' of campus-wide fame





International Education in the New Global Era
Proceedings of a National Policy Conference on the Higher Education Act, Title VI, and Fulbright-Hays Programs





Experience Korea - 2002 Korean Studies Workshop
2002 Korean Studies Workshop: A eight-day program in Seoul, Korea, July 21-28, 2002





The Chancellor Speaks on 'Rethinking National Security'
Chancellor Albert Carnesale, Professor of Policy Studies and Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering, discusses the central issues of U.S. national-security policy in the post-9/11 environment.





The Drawbacks of Electoral Competition
By Alessandro Lizzeri and Nicola Persico
Reading for December 3, 2002





UCLA Students Awarded NSEP Scholarships to Study Abroad through EAP
Six undergraduates receive NSEP awards to study through the UC Education Abroad Program in Chile, China, Egypt, Japan, and Korea during 2002-03.





PAC Standards Guide
Helpful Tips on PAC Preparation





Second-Year Grant from Woodrow Wilson Foundation Expands Teachers As Scholars Program
Grant to UCLA International supports new seminars in 2002 -- focusing on the politics and poetry of maps, on coming of age in Africa, and on Islam & the West





CEAS Receives Grant for Teacher Training in Asian Studies
The Freeman Foundation has made a one year grant of $133,000 to the Center for East Asian Studies to facilitate three teacher training programs in the San Gabriel Valley.





A Different Kind of High Definition TV
Last January UCLA International and its Burkle Center for International Relations teamed up with Adelphia Communications to launch a new series of world affairs television programs. Geoffrey Garrett, vice provost of International Studies, talks about how 'World in Focus' came about and where it is heading.





UCLA Students Invited to Enter Essay Contest, Win Prizes
CIBER's precursor to the Economist and Shell Writing Prize Competition asks students in business and the humanities: "How much freedom should we trade for our security?"





Revitalizing Teaching through Learning
New ISOP Program Brings Local Teachers to Campus.





Middle Eastern Student Leaders Visit UCLA
Arab student leaders from Algeria, Israel, Jordan, Morocco, Palestine, Syria, Tunisia and Yemen observe American life.





Summer Institute for Educators
The Institute features five separate seminars focusing on Africa, East Asia and the Pacific Rim, Europe and Russia, Latin America, and the Middle East.





Perspectives on 911
As part of a campus initiative to examine the tragic events of last month, ISOP recently hosted Perspectives on September 11th, a “teach-in” that packed the Freud Playhouse on October 3.





Teachers as Scholars
"What a wonderful interlude to pause, to think, to feel such a scholarly enterprise; to have experienced it makes it real. As a principal, I had a concern for teachers missing school and classtime, I have not such concern now."





Service Request
Having trouble with your computer and have given up trying to solve the problem yourself? If so, please ask us to help.





An Education for Them, a Bargain for Us
"Technology" and "God." Those were words that used to pop out at me over and over again in the compositions written by my Egyptian students in the late 1970s.





Southern California Consortium on International Studies
The Southern California Consortium on International Studies is a voluntary association to help share resources to further international studies.





Fulbright and Visiting Scholar Program
Request Fulbright and Visiting Scholar Program from Ann Kerr





SOCCIS Launches Program in Cuba as It Marks 3 Decades of Intercampus Partnership
It all started 30 years ago with a conference on "the future of international studies."





PRRP Grant Awardees, Academic Year 1996-1997
UCLA Pacific Rim Research Program Awardees, 1996-1997





PRRP Grant Awardees, Academic Year 2000-2001
UCLA Pacific Rim Research Program Awardees, 2000-2001





UCLA PRRP Grants Application Procedures, 2004-2005
Proposals must be received by the UCLA Asia Institute by 5 p.m., Tuesday, December 23, 2003.





UCLA EAP Students Awarded DAAD Scholarships to Study in Germany for the 2002-2003 Academic Year
EAP students received prestigious award for study abroad in Germany.





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