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Reports from the Field on the HIV/AIDS Epidemic in Myanmar, Vietnam, Cambodia, and Thailand
Epidemiologist Roger Detels and four doctors from Southeast Asia discuss the status of the disease and control programs in key countries of the region.





AIDS in Africa Devastates Economies and Destabilizes States
UCLA conference probes far-reaching impacts of the AIDS pandemic. Looking further than the millions of deaths and orphans, specialists weigh disastrous impacts on infrastructure of African states.





The Subtle Racism of Latin America
Carlos Moore sees a disguised racism permeating Latin American society, invented by Arabs in the Iberian Peninsula.





The Crisis in Argentina
Atilio Boron blames slavish adherence to IMF policies for Argentina's economic disaster.





Fulbright Scholar Examines Gated Communities in Southern California
Renaud Le Goix of the Sorbonne looks at gated communities as an urban pathology during his stay at UCLA.





Al Jazeera, Radio Sawa Founders Report on Media in the Middle East
Al Jazeera founder Omar Al-Issawi describes the Middle East's most dynamic television station, Norm Pattiz reports on America's new radio outpost in the Arab world.





America and the World: What Has Changed Since 9/11?
Vice Provost Geoffrey Garrett explores the post-9/11 world in first of Burkle Center public class series.





Sexual Abuse and Human Trafficking in Japan
UCLA Anthropologist reports that one injured woman in seven who is hospitalized in Japan is the victim of spousal violence, while 100,000 women a year are imported as sex workers from poor Asian countries.





Globalization Is Having Positive Effects in India, Scholars Conclude at UCLA Conference
Wide range of scholars and Indian officials see bright future for Indian-U.S. economic relations but fear instability from terrorists in nuclear Pakistan across the border.





Acting Assistant Secretary of State for African Affairs Surveys the Continent
Charles Snyder brings his forty years of work in Africa to bear in a candid view of the continent's leaders, hot spots, and causes for optimism.





The Battle for the Global Entertainment Industry: Japan's Growing Strength in Digital Culture
Japan is quietly developing a powerhouse of related technologies in the entertainment industry that will give the Americans a run for their money.





U.S. Department of Education supports UCLA Asian Studies with $840,000 in Graduate Student Fellowships
The Asia Institute's East Asia consortium with USC and the Center for Southeast Asian Studies consortium with UC Berkeley receive grants to fund Foreign Language and Area Studies fellowships in 8 languages.





Two Panels Debate U.S.-North Korea Nuclear Options
Chancellor Carnesale, other experts, examine the history and future of Korean Peninsula.





2014-2015 Asia Institute Graduate Fellowships
For UCLA graduate students in any field.





UCLA at the Association for Asian Studies Annual Meeting -- New York, March 27-30
Thousands of people interested in Asia will gather in New York City, many to hear presentations made by UCLA scholars, students, and alumni.





Alan Dershowitz Speaks on His "The Case for Israel"
1,100 at Royce Hall hear call for supporters of Israel in America to speak up.





U.S. Needs Partnership with Africa to Stop Spread of AIDS, Former Zambian President Kaunda Tells UCLA Meeting
Kenneth Kaunda, founding president of Zambia from 1964 to 1991, made an impassioned call for international solidarity against the "scourge of HIV/AIDS" February 27.





Meet the 2003-2004 Global Fellows
The UCLA International Institute has selected nine scholars with great academic promise as Global Fellows for the 2003-2004 academic year.





EVENTS: The Colors of Pride -- the Korean Traditional Costume Fashion Show
Dignitaries and businessmen gather at the Los Angeles Millenium Biltmore Hotel for the Korean Traditional Costume Fashion Show





China's Legal System: A Bum Rap?
China's long march toward rule of law





The Arab World after the Iraq War
Jerry Green, Middle East specialist for RAND, takes up weapons of mass destruction in Syria, Ahmad Chalabi, nation-building in Afghanistan, and the effects on the Israeli-Palestinian conflict.





War on Terrorism Looks Too Much Like a War on Islam, Arab Scholar Warns
Washington should limit war on terrorism to campaign against al-Qaeda, Abdulkader Sinno tells UCLA audience.





Building a Case for Buddhist Studies at UCLA
Robert Buswell, director of the Center for Buddhist Studies and former Buddhist monk, is the catalyst for building a renowned program at UCLA for the study of Buddhism.





Reception Honors Famed Photographer Peter Magubane
Peter Magubane, probably South Africa's best known photographer, honored by reception at the African-American Museum. Will meet with UCLA students.





Six International Institute Centers Awarded $4.3 Million in Department of Education Language and Area Studies Fellowships
UCLA International Institute applicants for Africa, Latin America, Europe, Near East, East Asia and Southeast Asia have been awarded a total of $1.4 million per year for three years to support graduate students in foreign language training and area studies.





Middle Eastern Religions, Politics, Literature Highlight Anchorage Outreach Program
Outreach directors from major U.S. universities introduce Anchorage high school teachers and students to the Middle East during MESA meeting in Alaska.





UCLA's First Recipients of the Bachelor of Arts Degree in Southeast Asia Studies
Christie Lee and Louie Tortuya “are only the first graduates of what will become a prominent and vibrant new program of study at UCLA.”





Vietnam: First Impressions of U.C. Students
Fifteen UC students attended the fall semester of the Education Abroad Program in Hanoi, Vietnam in 2002. Below are some of their impressions, captured during the first two weeks of the program.





1,800 Fill Royce Hall for Edward Said Talk on Palestinian Rights
Columbia University scholar and Palestinian activist Edward Said says Israeli occupation is brutal. Charges widespread violations of Palestinian human rights.





Perceptions of Corruption in Asia -- results from Transparency International's 2003 Index
Singapore is thought to have the "cleanest" public sector among Asian nations. Bangladesh is perceived to have the most corrupt public sector.





Preservation Efforts in the Philippines: UC students work outside the classroom with NGOs
Exciting internships for U.C. students studying in the Philippines.





Malaysia Is a Peaceful, High Tech Muslim State, Cabinet Minister Tells UCLA Audience
Malaysian Minister of Women and Family Development Shahrizat Abdul Jalil says her country is modern, multiracial, and eager to get past stereotypes.





Southeast Asia - Foreign Language and Area Studies (FLAS) Fellowships
FLAS fellowships are designed to support graduate and undergraduate students who are studying Southeast Asian languages and area studies courses. Languages for academic year fellowships are Filipino, Indonesian, Khmer, Thai or Vietnamese. Fellowships are always contingent upon receipt of funds from the U.S. Department of Education.





Sammy Yukuan Lee Lecture Explores the Self-Images of Buddhist Monks over the Centuries
Raoul Birnbaum delivers 16th lecture in venerable series at UCLA's Fowler Museum of Cultural History





Bush Administration Demands Higher Standard for North Korea than for Itself
Mark Caprio tells UCLA audience that both parties failed to live up to the 1994 agreement between North Korea and the United States.





SARS and Asia: Public Health, Political, Social, and Economic Implications
Having taken the lives and livelihoods of many, SARS reminds the rest of us of how interconnected our lives and economies have become. This Asia Institute-sponsored symposium helped many learn more about SARS and how it is affecting Asia -- and us.





Teachers Explore Islam, Asian Literature, at Summer Institutes
35 Los Angeles area school teachers attend two-week in-depth in-service sponsored by five International Institute centers and programs.





Bush Administration Risks Second Korean War, Historian Warns
Distinguished historian of Korea James Palais tells UCLA audience that Washington misreads North Korea's intentions and endangers Koreans in South as well as North.





The United States Is Marginalizing Itself in Northeast Asia
Former Deputy Assistant Secretary for China Susan Shirk warns that growing nationalism in South Korea and Japan will exacerbate the Bush administration's inept diplomacy in the North Korean nuclear crisis. She examines possible multilateral options for the region.





Latin American Center Inaugurates Digital Culture Center, Paulo Freire Institute, in Buenos Aires
Minister of Education and Mayor of Buenos Aires attend opening ceremonies as Carlos Torres and Fabián Wagmister launch two ambitious projects in working-class district.





UCLA Thai alum narrates reign as royal filmmaker
Thai prince unleashes historical battle epic; strives to delight westerners, alma mater.





Reflections on East Timor after Independence: An Opposition Leader’s Perspective
Fernando de Araujo describes the problems of constructing a democratic infrastructure in the wake of the devastation wrought by Indonesia on his island nation.





The Sasakawa Japanese Language Study Fellowship
A few fellowships of up to $10,000 each will be available for UCLA graduate students who plan to study the Japanese language in Japan or in the United States. This fellowship is not designed for taking Japanese classes at UCLA during the normal academic year, but is primarily for programs such as IUC (whole year or summer), Middlebury College Summer Program, or UCLA Summer intensive program.





Report from Sarajevo: Identifying the Missing
Two UCLA students in Bosnia-Herzegovina visit the morgue in Tuzla where missing person specialists seek to unravel the truth about the Serb massacres of Muslim Bosnians in Srebrenica in 1995.





Philippines' Prof. Walden Bello Wins Right Livelihood "Altermative Nobel Prize" for 2003
Prize awarded in the Swedish Parliament is "for Outstanding Vision and Work on Behalf of Our Planet and Its People."





The Sasakawa Fellowship
Approximately 15 fellowships of up to $5,000 each will be awarded to continuing UCLA graduate students pursuing advanced degrees in Japanese Studies. Preference will be given to those who have demonstrated competence in the Japanese language. Categories of funding include, but are not limited to, fieldwork in Japan, tuition and fees, dissertation writing support, and other research-related travels.





Dalia Rabin-Pelossof Speaks on Oslo Ten Years Later
Yitzhak Rabin's daughter examines the Rabin legacy in today's Middle East.





Afghan Ambassador Reports on Reconstruction
Ishaq Shahryar cites return of women to schools, massive new construction, and new Afghan army as signs of stabilization. Thanks America for its support.





The George and Sakaye Aratani Field Experience Scholarship
Up to three scholarships of $14,000- $25,000 will be available for a dissertation stage or professional advanced degree stage UCLA student to support an extended period of research and study in Japan.





The George and Sakaye Aratani Fellowship
Two fellowships of up to $8,000 each will be available for a beginning or continuing UCLA graduate student working in any area of Japanese Studies. Students of Japanese American descent who specialize in Japan-related graduate studies are particularly encouraged to apply.





Historic Gathering of Southeast Asian Language Teachers at UCLA
The largest group of U.S.-based teachers of Southeast Asian languages met at UCLA January 30-February 1, 2003, to improve their teaching skills and to develop new materials.





The Herbert and Helen Kawahara Fellowship
A fellowship of $8,000 will be available for UCLA graduate students who wish to develop Japan expertise as they pursue professional training in a given academic discipline. Students with little or no Japanese studies background will be considered, as will those who intend to expand their earlier work on Japan.





University of Indonesia Faculty Tour American Media Schools
Eight faculty and senior administrators from Indonesia's premier communications program visit UCLA Extension as part of study tour on U.S. journalism and television methods.





Distinguished Chinese Political Activists Discuss Constitutionalism & Political Reform
Noted "neo-Liberals" ponder the choices facing China





UCLA Students Interview Bosnian Prime Minister on His Plans for Nation-Building
Two UCLA students in Sarajevo to explore similarities in postwar Bosnia-Herzegovina and Iraq discuss the country's future with Prime Minister Adnan Terzic.





Top Japanese Journalist Weighs His Country's Uncertain Future
Yoichi Funabashi, chief diplomatic correspondent of the prestigious Asahi Shimbun, points to resistance to reform among his country's leaders, need to reassess Japanese identity.





Commencement Celebration 2003
Congratulations on your graduation!





Reports from Bosnia
Alicia Stevenson and Jonathan Dotan, UCLA seniors abroad in Bosnia, write about their experiences.





Bruce Herschensohn, Mel Levine, Debate Effectiveness of Bush Policy in War on Terror, Role of UN
Conservative author, television commentator exchanges views with liberal attorney and former congressman.





The Rise of Anti-Americanism in South Korea
Korean Fulbright scholar tells Honors Collegium when things went wrong in the postwar friendship between South Korea and the United States.





Rabbi, Palestinian Teach for Peace
UCLA Today features class co-taught by Palestinian doctoral candiate Shawki El-Zatmah, a Palestinian, and Rabbi Chaim Seidler-Feller. The class is sponsored by the Burkle Center for International Relations.





Panel Debates Whether Saddam Has the Weapons
Congressman Howard Berman says inspectors have told him Iraq has weapons of mass destruction. Columnist Robert Sheer is skeptical.





Nusseibeh-Ayalon Get 153,000 Signatures on Petition for Peace
Ami Ayalon, former head of Shin Bet, and Sari Nusseibeh, President of Al Quds University, tell UCLA audience about their campaign.





A Year in Lebanon
James Gelvin talks about his year teaching at the American University of Beirut.





U.S. Victory in Iraq Opens Possibility of Palestinian-Israeli Settlement
Martin Indyk, leading Middle East specialist for the Clinton government, in UCLA address sees opportunity for George Bush following defeat of Saddam Hussein.





General Assembly President Defends UN against Bush Administration Criticisms
UN General Assembly President Jan Kavan declares United Nations "not an instrument of U.S. foreign policy." Reminds audience of the world body's far flung operations in development, health, and peacekeeping.





English Teachers from Uzbekistan Consult with UCLA's ESL Department and Language Resource Center
Two faculty members from Bukhara State University visit U.S. to study methods of teaching English as a second language.





LA Times Reports Seidler-Feller/Shawki El-Zatmah Class at UCLA
The June 4 "Los Angeles Times" carries a report on the UCLA class being co-taught by Rabbi Chaim Seidler-Feller and Palestinian graduate student Shawki El-Zatmah.





What the Israeli Elections Mean
Center-right coalition likely in aftermath of elections, peace settlement with the Palestinians not so impossible as many think.





International Institute Pioneers National Outreach Website
UCLA and Tulane University collaborate on interactive K-12 curriculum site for Department of Education National Resource Centers.





Information about SARS
Links to sites of reliable information -- Last updated May 12





Graduate Studies at the Center for Chinese Studies
In Chinese studies, each student pursues an advanced degree within a department or professional school. UCLA now has over one hundred and twenty-five graduate students in Chinese studies.





Department of Education Awards to UCLA International Research Centers Hit $8.1 Million Over Next Three Years
Six International Institute units recognized as National Resource Centers of Excellence, win additional $3.8 million in Title VI funding on top of $4.3 in fellowship money announced in April.





Generations and Waves: The Keys to Understanding Rebel Terror Movements
Terrorism authority David C. Rapoport traces the similarities in terror outbreaks from the Anarchists of Russia in the 1880s through the colonial revolutions, the New Left, and today's religious wave.





Africa Center Hosts Open House at Fowler Museum
Famed Senegalese drummer Aziz Faye gives concert of Sabar drumming and dance.





Allen Roberts Introduces Los Angeles Teachers to the Saint in the City
Fowler Museum curator and director of the African Studies Center leads tour of exhibit on Senegalese Sufi holy man Amadou Bamba.





Bush's War Plans Part of Dangerous Bid for Empire, TransAfrica Forum Head Warns
Bill Fletcher Jr. tells UCLA meeting that U.S. goals of regime change may be directed at countries in Africa.





Shimon Peres at UCLA Meeting Calls for Negotiating with Existing Palestinian Leadership
Former Israeli prime minister calls for negotiating with the Palestinians "as they are."





High Level Cultural Delegation from Armenia Meets with UCLA Film & Television Archive Specialists
Armenia's Deputy Minister of Culture and the head of their public television network were part of a group that met with UCLA specialists in film preservation April 2.





UCLA's David Schaberg Wins Prize for Best Book on Pre-20th Century China
Association for Asian Studies 2003 Levenson Prize Awarded to David Schaberg's A Patterned Past: Form and Thought in Early Chinese Historiography.





Burkle Center Sponsors Public Course on Key World Issues
Chancellor Carnesale will speak in an innovative spring course on "The United States and the World since September 11," free to the public.





Mehrangiz Kar Speaks on Nobel Laureate Shirin Ebadi
International Woman of the Year and well-known Iranian human rights activist Mehrangiz Kar talks to 300 at UCLA about her colleague, Shirin Ebadi, winner of the 2003 Nobel Peace Prize.





Arab Distrust of America Clouds Prospect for a Stable Middle East
Shibley Telhami, senior fellow at the Brookings Institute, reports that only 3% of Saudis are even "somewhat favorable" to the U.S. The Bush administration's prioritizing security over democracy in the region deepens rifts between people and governments.





Top Administrators of Ewha University Consult UCLA on Business Operations Planning
Managers of leading South Korean women's university ask for consultation to plan their business and information technology reorganization.





Five UCLA Faculty and Students Awarded $89,600 in Pacific Rim Research Grants 2003-2004
UC systemwide competition for 2003-04 selects two professors and three graduate students for funding. UCLA's winning proposals are on environmental and colonial/racial studies.





The World of Asian Literature -- The Asia Institute's 2003 Summer Seminar for Teachers
At UCLA this summer, K-12 teachers are working with Asia specialists in exploring Asian literature.





Chinese Language Study Programs
UCLA sponsors a number of different methods to acquire Chinese language proficiency.





Al-Ahram Weekly Reports Edward Said's UCLA Lecture
Prominent Cairo online weekly offers extensive account of February 20 Burkle Forum.





Hollywood Heads East: the Business of Japanese Animation and Comics





Privatization and the IMF: IMF's Good Housekeeping Seal of Approval Wins Favor with Investors
A new study by Vice Provost Geoffrey Garrett demonstrates that the policy conditions the International Monetary Fund attaches to its loans increases the prices investors are willing to pay for state-owned assets privatized sold off by governments in developing countries.





Engineers Learn from Powerful Quakes
UCLA engineering faculty traveled to study the Sept. and Nov. 1999 earthquakes that struck Taiwan and Turkey.





High School Students Attend UCLA Lecture on Iraq
56 students from James Monroe high school trekked to UCLA April 16 to hear RAND Middle East expert Jerry Green examine the Arab world after the Iraq war.





UCLA and Mexico's National University Form Joint Advisory Committee
UCLA and UNAM act to implement cooperative agreement signed last November by Chancellor Albert Carnesale and UNAM Rector Juan Ramón de la Fuente.





Poetics, Pedagogy, and Alternative Internationalisms: From the Early 20th Century to the Present
Esha De, Writing Programs, University of California, Los Angeles; Walter Lew, East Asian Languages & Cultures, University of California, Los Angeles





National Resource Centers for Southeast Asian Studies
There are a small number of National Resource Centers for Southeast Asian Studies in the United States.





Special Opportunity to View Rare and Classic Chinese Martial Arts Films
Bright, new archival prints and new subtitles afford viewers the chance to enjoy some of the most influential films.





Pakistani Women Leaders Visit UCLA to Discuss Muslim Women in America
Three writer-activists tour U.S. to explore situation of Muslim women in American communities. While at UCLA they observe the Clothesline Project commemorating victims of sexual violence.





Former Premier Says Reelection of Democratic Progressive Party will Consolidate Democracy in Taiwan
Chun-hsiung Chang, Secretary-General of the ruling Democratic Progressive Party, meets UCLA Chancellor Carnesale during campus visit.





Opponents of Human Trafficking from Transcaucasia Tour U.S. to Share Information
Government officials from Armenia, Azerbaijan, and Georgia visit UCLA as part of training mission to stop the new human slavery.





Muslim Visitors from 11 Countries Come to UCLA This Fall
Four delegations from throughout the Arab world and India meet with faculty and staff to study religious and secular education.





RAND Tries to Model Risks of Terrorist Attacks
Jack Riley, director of RAND's Public Safety and Justice section, explained their new computer models of possible terrorist attacks to a UCLA honors class April 23.





Spotlight on Heritage Languages
Heritage language learners in America -- people who grow up conversant, but not literate or fluent, in a foreign language --are a special group.





Kenyan Muslim Students Meet UCLA Student Leaders
Seven students from Kenya explore UCLA outreach work in Watts.





Daily Bruin Account of Shai Feldman Talk on "The Middle East and Israel after the War with Iraq"
Current lineup in Middle East opens "window of opportunity" for peace, prominent Israeli political analyst tells UCLA audience.





A Childhood Experience Shaped Her Life's Plan
Barbara Gaerlan, Asst. Director of the UCLA Center for Southeast Asian Studies, went to the Philippines as a child and now works to stimulate interest in and inform others about Southeast Asia.





Jewish Journal of Greater Los Angeles Reports Edward Said Meeting
Under the heading "Lecture Stirs Anger, UCLA talk by ardent advocate of Arab cause draws heated reactions" the online Jewish Journal of Greater Los Angeles presents its take on Edward Said's talk in Royce Hall.





Storm Clouds over a New American Century?
International Institute Vice Provost comments in the South China Morning Post on America's current place in the world.





Chinese Studies Database Established
New database allows users to locate information on Chinese studies programs & Chinese language collections at institutions of higher learning in North America and Europe





Fulbright Scholars Describe Perceptions of U.S. Abroad
Ten visiting Fulbright scholars from 7 countries tell town meeting how the United States is viewed back home.





Decades Later, EAP Alumna Fondly Recalls Her Experience
She has come a long way since studying abroad in Japan in the 1960’s, but EAP alumna Beverly Gray cherishes the experience and its impact on her personal development.





Downloading and Using Goldenrod Application Instructions
The Request for Proposal Approval and Submission form(familiarly known as the Goldenrod form) is the UCLA internal form used by Contracts and Grants Administration for the review of applications or proposals submitted to extramural funding agencies.





National Symposium of Leading Graduate Students Explores Minorities in Japanese Society
Tenth Annual Graduate Student Symposium in Japanese Studies was held at UCLA May 3. Eleven top graduate students from nine universities present views of "The Other Within." Here are abstracts of their provocative papers.





Engineers from UCLA, Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology, Study Water Problems
Joint conference in Melbourne in March 2002 tackles environmental impacts of water policies in Australia and California.





A Defense of Latin America's Free Market Reforms
Economist Sebastian Edwards takes on the pessimists and offers his own critical but supportive view of the market-based economic reform process and commitment to globalization that began in Latin America in the 1980s.





Visitor Information Form
The UCLA International Institute welcomes you and hopes to help make your time at UCLA pleasant and fulfilling!





Constructed Places / Contested Spaces: Critical Geographies in Korea
Principal Investigators: Timothy R. Tangherlini, UCLA
Sallie Yea, Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology





Performance Evaluations
Once annually (and more often during the first year of employment) every staff member's performance will be formally reviewed with his or her individual supervisor.





International Studies Heads Warn of Poisonous Contradiction in House Bill
San Francisco Chronicle airs call by heads of UCLA and UC Berkeley international studies for Senate to head off "witch-hunts" by reducing proposed military role in university oversight.





Buswell Expands Asian Languages Dept. to Include South & Southeast Asia
Buddhist Studies greatly expanded as well.





Constructing the Past in the Middle East
Scholars from nine countries spend four weeks visiting ancient sites, studying preservation of the Middle East's historic past.





Summer Ninth's Request Form
For persons needing the Summer Ninth Academic Compensation Form please download here.





Advanced Study of Khmer Program
The Advanced Study of Khmer (ASK), Summer Abroad Program, is an intensive eight-week training in Khmer language-culture held in Phnom Penh, Cambodia.





Early Salt Production along the Yangzi River in Comparative Perspective: An International Symposium
Lothar von Falkenhausen
Professor, Art History
University of California, Los Angeles





Sounds Like 'Sexy Robot,' But Really Means 'Sex Donkey'
Theremin master, Sukho Lee, and fashion visual artist, Lun*na of L.A.'s Seksu Roba, head towards avant garde electro-pop in their new release, "Pleasure Vibrations."





Call for Proposals





Two Talks Wednesday, April 9: Chancellor Carnesale on National Security, Former U.S. Ambassador to Israel on Middle East
UCLA Chancellor Albert Carnesale to speak on "National Security -- Evolution or Revolution? at noon in Dodd 147. Former U.S. Ambassador to Israel Martin Indyk on "Making War and Peace in the Middle East" at 4:00 pm in Schoenberg Hall.





Warren Christopher Teaches UCLA Class on International Hot Spots
Warren Christopher, former U.S. Secretary of State, has returned to the classroom to give UCLA undergraduates the benefit of his unparalleled experience in international affairs.





2003-2004 FLAS Recipients
The following information lists the recipients for the 2003-2004 Southeast Asian Studies FLAS recipients.





Los Angeles Times on Warren Christopher's UCLA Class
"Perhaps, the young UCLA student inquired of her eminent professor, he might tell the class just a little more about his life and experiences?"





Young Near East, African, and South Asian Professionals Visit UCLA's Center for Civil Society
16 business, government, and media workers from 15 countries include UCLA in national tour to study public-private partnerships, leadership strategies, and U.S. policy formation.





Multinational Delegation Meets with UCLA Africa Experts on Malaria
20 health professionals from 19 countries including 12 in Africa consult on control of killer disease during U.S. visit.





Vietnamese Journalists Seek UCLA Advice on Newsroom Design
Staff of the Ho Chi Minh City daily Saigon Giaiphong tour Daily Bruin offices with construction engineer for ideas for their new newsroom.





Uniformity and Diversity in the Languages of Asia: Towards an Understanding of a Pan-Asiatic Cultural and Linguistic Paradigm
Shoichi Iwasaki, Professor, East Asian Languages & Cultures, University of California, Los Angeles





International Visitors Bureau Awarded $15,750 Community Partnership Grant
The UCLA International Visitors Bureau given 2003 funding from the State Department's Bureau of Educational and Cultural Affairs and the National Council for International Visitors.





Crimean Tourism Specialists Consult with UCLA Travel Center
An 11-member delegation from the Crimea, well known as the resort area of the Ukraine, met with UCLA Travel Center representatives May 28.





Nov. 21, 2003: News Bites
The first annual Miss Vietnam U.S.A., the 10th anniversary of Ang Lee's "Wedding Banquet", Asian comedy night with Chopschtick comedy, and much more in this issue of News Bites.





Head of Philippine Islamic Council Meets with Eminent UCLA Scholar of Islamic Law
Mr. Taha Basman, Secretary General of the Philippine Islamic Council held discussions with Professor Khaled Abou El Fadl July 28.





Nov. 21, 2003: News From Abroad
Britney Spears' promotion in Seoul, J-Pop singer Utada's global debut, Singaporean Bollywood Extravanga and many more in this issue of News From Abroad.





Tiananmen Archive
Chancellor Charles E. Young, in the immediate aftermath of the Tiananmen incident of June 1989, established a university committee to create the China Democracy Movement and Tiananmen Incident Archival Project.





UCLA Student Honors Filipino Veteran Grandfather
On Veterans Day, UCLA student Antonio Raimundo honors his grandfather who fought in both World War II and the Korean War, and protests the discrimination suffered by Filipino veterans from the U.S. government.





UCLA Reaches Out to Asia
UCLA Chancellor Albert Carnesale visits Taiwan and Hong Kong in spring 1999.





Former President Clinton Attends Launch of UCLA International Institute
Bill Clinton, Warren Christopher, Gareth Evans address policy roundtable at November 21 gathering to announce new initiatives of the UCLA International Institute.





South African Legislators Meet with UCLA Urban Planning Specialist in Public Transportation Study
Six members of the Standing Committee on Public Transport, Roads and Works for the Republic of South Africa's key province hold discussions at UCLA February 10 during national fact-finding tour.





Kazakhstan Journalists Gather Information on War Against Terrorism
Visitors discuss Central Asian Islamic groups with long-time security specialist Michael Intriligator.





Arabian Days and Nights in the Twenty-first Century
Ann Kerr reports on the opening of Education City and the RAND-Qatar Policy Institute in Doha, Qatar.





Aida in Qatar*
Ann Kerr reports from Qatar on opening of a unique Arab opera celebrating the life of 11th century scholar and mathematician Avicenna (Ibn Sina).





External Sites
Websites of interest to students in Chinese studies.





Sites of Interest
External sites of interest about Southeast Asian Studies.





Bosnia-Herzegovina Journalists Visit UCLA to Consult on Investigative Crime and Terrorism Reporting
Four prominent Bosnian and Serbian print and electronic media journalists meet with veteran investigative reporter Dan Medina.





Gift Processing
Gifts vs. Grants, Processing, Fund Numbers





Global Studies for Everyone: International Institute Holds Open House and Fellowship Fair
Good student turnout explores study abroad opportunities, funding in international studies, and interdepartmental degree programs.





Directors of Three Chilean Museums Tour Hammer and Fowler Museums
Heads of UCLA's two museums discuss museum management and finance with visitors from Chile.





Hien Nguyen
Post-Doctoral Fellow in Southeast Asian Studies





CIRA Announces 2003-05 Grants
Four UCLA faculty members receive funding to study pan-Asian linguistics, influences of Western theory in Asia, HIV/AIDS and the arts, and poetry in nationalist cultures in the 20th century.





Former U.S. Ambassador to Israel to Speak April 9 on "Making War and Peace in the Middle East"
Martin Indyk, former U.S. Ambassador to Israel and now director of the Saban Center for Middle East Policy at the Brookings Institute, to address UCLA Burkle Forum.





Japanese Imperialism/Colonialism in "Manchuria" Project
Project Update





Russian Entrepreneurs Train in Business in Los Angeles
Ten entrepreneurs from Vladivostok include consultations at UCLA's Anderson School in their itinerary.





Classroom Based Dialect Awareness in Heritage Language Instruction: A Critical Applied Linguistic Approach
Glenn A. Martínez, University of Arizona





Iraq War, North Korean Nukes: Expert Panels Debate Issues, Friday, March 7
Two back-to-back expert panels wil be held at UCLA this Friday, March 7. Congressman Howard Berman and Chancellor Carnesale to speak. Both events are free and open to the public.





International Conference on Slavery, Unfree Labour Camps; Revolt in Asia and the Indian Ocean Region
Project Update





Xinsheng Wang
Visiting Scholar 2003-04





Colloquium on Religion and Globalization Held in Melbourne, September 13-14, 2002
Joint project of UCLA and Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology explores religion and globalization after September 11.





President of National University of Singapore Meets with Chancellor Carnesale
Association of Pacific Rim Universities representatives also tour UCLA's film and television facilities.





Asia Institute Catalog Lists Over 200 Asian Studies Fellowships
Trying to keep your study of Asia moving ahead? Fellowships are available to support undergrads, grad students, and faculty.





Yonsei University Vice President Promotes Ties with UCLA
Dr. Jung Ki Kim, Yonsei's Vice President for Academic Affairs, holds meetings with leading UCLA officials and Koreanist faculty, plans Los Angeles Yonsei campus.





Allen Whiting
Visiting Fellow of the Center for Chinese Studies, Spring 2003





The Relationship between Second and Heritage Language Acquisition: Notes on Research and Theory Building
Andrew Lynch, University of Florida





Blakemore Foundation Offers Grants for Advanced Language Study





Large Korea University Delegation Studies How UCLA Is Organized
23 faculty and administrators from Korea University meet with Korea Center director, Undergraduate Admissions head, and Assistant Vice Chancellor for Student Academic Services.





What to Expect from the Swing Vote in 2004
What moves the undecided voter and what effect will the war in Iraq and the issue of terror have at the ballot box next year?





Political Regimes and Economic Growth
By Adam Przeworski et al. Reading for the week of June 10, 2003.





Fulbright Scholars Attend Talk by Condoleezza Rice
Fourteen UCLA Fulbright scholars attend breakfast talk where National Security Adviser appears to depart from the administration's script on rogue states and multilateralism.





President of South China University of Technology Gets Briefing on Undergraduate Research Initiative
Leading Guangzhou institution sends top officials to look at potential for involving undergraduates in direct research.





Counterrorism and Airport Security Chiefs from Hungary Hold Discussions at UCLA
Six Hungarian officials meet with leading epidemiologist Dr. Robert Kim-Farley on control of bioterror.





Dalia Rabin-Pelossof to Speak at Burkle Center Dinner
Daughter of the late Prime Minister Yitzhak Rabin will discuss Oslo Ten Years Later: The Rabin Legacy in Today's Middle East.





Chien-min Chao
Visiting Fellow of the Center for Chinese Studies, Spring 2003





How Did Heavily Indebted Poor Countries Become Heavily Indebted? Reveiwing Two Decades of Debt Relief
By William Easterly. Reading for week of March 25, 2003.





Why the Welfare State Looks Like a Free Lunch
By: Peter H. Lindert,Reading for the week of April 15th, 2003





University Administrators from Xi'an Study UCLA's Management System
Delegation from Northwestern Polytechnical University Meets with UCLA Assistant Chancellor.





Democracy and National Economic Performance: The Preference for Stability
By Dennis P. Quinn and John T. Woolley. Reading for week of September 16, 2003.





An Economic Analysis of a Drug Selling Gang's Finances
By Steven Levitt and Sudhir Alladi Venkatesh. Reading for week of May 6, 2003.





The Impact of Legalized Abortion on Crime
By John Donohue and Steven Levitt. Reading for week of June 3,2003.





NEH Focus Group: Curriculum Guidelines for Heritage Language Classrooms
NEH sponsors Focus Group meetings as a means to bring experts in an area of the humanities together to develop new courses or a new focus for a humanities area. The LRC proposal to NEH was prompted by discussions among UC language instructors revealing significant differences between students who are learning a "foreign" language and students who are interested in studying what is essentially a first language as heritage speakers.





People's Opium? Religion and Economic Attitudes
By: Luigi Guiso, Paola Sapienza, Luigi Zingales





A Celebration of Life
Please visit a website to help celebrate the life of Professor Russell N. Campbell.





Translating Universals: Theory Moves Across Asia
Michael Bourdaghs, John Duncan, Thu-huong Nguyen-vo, David Schaberg, Professors, East Asian Languages & Cultures, University of California, Los Angeles





How Love Evolved from Sex and Gave Birth to Intelligence and Human Nature
By Cort Pedersen, M.D. Reading for week of July 29, 2003.





Singaporean Rebel With A Cause -- Gwendoline Yeo
Why would a summa cum laude, Phi Beta Kappa UCLA grad defy her country's tradition of choosing 'respected' careers like medicine and law and plunge head first into one of the most notoriously difficult (and just plain notorious) of all: Hollywood Acting?





New Language TA Orientation
The UCLA Language Resource Center and OID will jointly host a one day orientation for new Language TAs on Sept. 22nd.





Jiemian Yang
Visiting Fellow of the Center for Chinese Studies, Spring 2003





Economic Globalization and Democracy: An Empirical Analysis
by Auan Li and Rafael Reuveny. Reading for week of May 6,2003.





The Political Foundations of Modern Economic Growth: England, 1540-1800
By Gregory Clark. Reading for December 16th, 2003.





October 16 Seminar: Geoff Garrett
Geoff Garrett will present a lecture entitled, "Globalization and Inequality: What are the Facts?"





Former Zambian President Kenneth David Kaunda to Speak February 27
President Kenneth David Kaunda will be presenting on HIV/AIDS and Poverty in Africa Thursday, February 27.





INDIA: Local channels play it dirty
'See no sleaze, hear no sleaze,' may be the strict stance adopted by the Information and Broadcasting Ministry for TV programming, but locally the censor scissors don’t seem to be going snip





Virtual Worlds: A First Hand Account of Market and Society on the Cyberian Frontier
By Edward Castronova. Reading for week of March 18th





Political Institutions, Policy Choice, and the Survival of Leaders
By: Bueno de Mesquita et al.Reading for week of March 11, 2003





Advisory for Friday, May 3: Experts Speak on Global and National Security, Civil Rights
Experts to Meet at UCLA to Discuss Security and Civil Rights in United States, Europe, Middle East





The Political Economy of Growth: Democracy and Human Capital
By Matt Baum and David Lake. Reading for week of May 27,2003.





International Institute Honors Outstanding Staff
Career staff and student workers honored with cash awards at April 10 reception.





The Golden Age of European Growth Reconsidered
By Peter Temin. Reading for week of April 1, 2003.





The Effect of IMF Programs on Economic Growth
by James Vreeland and Adam Pzreworski. Reading for week of April 29, 2003





Translating Universals: Theory Moves Across Asia
Workshop Schedule for 2003-2004





A Normal Country
By Andrei Shleifer and Daniel Treisman. Reading for week of January 6, 2004.





Does Globalization Make the World More Unequal?
By Peter H. Lindert and Jeffrey G. Williamson. Reading for October 21st, 2003.





History, Institutions, and Economic Performance:The Legacy of Colonial Land Tenure Systems in India
By Abhijit Banerjee and Lakshmi Iyer. Reading for week of April 22, 2003.





Working Groups 2003-2004
The Center for Comparative and Global Research (CCGR), housed under the auspices of UCLA’s International Institute, seeks proposals from members of the UCLA Academic Senate to convene one- or two-year Working Groups, to begin fall 2003.





Why Have Women Become Left Wing? The Political Gender Gap and the Decline in Marriage
By Lena Edlund and Rohini Pande. Reading for week of June 24, 2003.





How to Make Art in a Global Epidemic: HIV/AIDS and the Arts
David Gere, Assistant Professor, World Arts & Cultures, University of California, Los Angeles





A Continuous Schumpeterian Conception of Democracy
By: James Raymond Vreeland article for July 1,2003





Openness and Aggressive Monetary Policy: An Empirical Study of Inflation Volatility and Persistence
By: Melody Lo, Sunny Wong, and Kim Granato. This is the reading for September 23rd, 2003.





The Evolution of the Social Contract
By Adam Gifford, Jr. Reading for week of July 8, 2003





Estimating the Payoff to Attending a More Selective College
By: Stacy Berg Dale and Alan Krueger. Reading for the week of July 22nd, 2003.





Voter Competence in Direct Legislation Elections
By: Elisabeth R. Gerber and Arther Lupia. Reading for the week of August 19th, 2003.





The Sixth National Conference of the National Counsil of Organizations of Less Commonly Taught Languages will take place on May 2 - 4, 2003 at UCLA.





Some Lessons From Transaction-Cost Politics for Less-Developed Countries
By: Avinash Dixit. Reading for the week of July 15th, 2003.





UCLA Bali Theater Study Tour to Resume in Summer 2004
UC Students were unable to travel to Bali to study theater this summer, and they knew what they were missing.





Clientelism, Credibility and Democracy
By: Philip Keefer. Reading for the week of March 4, 2003.





The New Comparative Economics
By Simeon Djankov, Edward L. Glaeser, Rafael La Porta, Florenci Lopez-de-Silanes, Andrei Shleifer. Reading for week of October 14, 2003.





Political Polarization and Income Inequality
By Nolan McCarty, Keith T. Poole, and Howard Rosenthal. Reading for week of December 2, 2003





The Economic Significance of National Border Effects
By Carolyn L. Evans. Reading for November 18th, 2003.





Globalization and Fiscal Decentralization
The international integration of markets and the decentralization of authority within nation states are two defining trends of the contemporary era.





Key Request Form
Obtaining keys for new employees, or for additional room access





EAP Offers the Experience of a Lifetime
The UC's Education Abroad Program will be featured at the annual UCLA Study Abroad Fair on Tuesday, October 7th.





Song Guoding
Visiting Scholar in 2002-03





UCLA Film and Television Archive
The UCLA Film and Television Archive is internationally renowned for its pioneering efforts to preserve and showcase not only classic but current and innovative film and television.





Managing Turbulence in the World Economy
By Dani Rodrik. Reading for week of July 17, 2003.





The Assessment: The Twentieth Century-Achievements, Failures, Lessons
By Andrea Boltho and Gianni Toniolo. Reading for October 28, 2003.





Constructivist and Ecological Rationality in Economics
By Vernon L. Smith. Reading for week of October 7, 2003.





Endogenous Constitutions
By: Davide Ticchi and Andrea Vindigni Reading for the week of September 9, 2003.





Boom and Bust: Seeds of Destruction
By Joseph Stiglitz. Reading for week of November 4, 2003.





Viet Nam: Beyond the Frontiers
Project Update





Globalization, Democratization and Governmet Spending in Middle Income Countries
Geoffrey Garrett and David Nickerson





A New Arms Race? The North Korean Nuclear Challenge -- March 7 Symposium
Presentations and debate on the origins, dangers, and possible resolution of this threat to stability in Northeast Asia. UCLA Chancellor Carnesale to join the discussion.





Making Capitalism Work for Everyone
By: Raghuram G. Rajan and Luigi Zingales. Reading for the week of August 5th, 2003.





Yu Haocheng
Leading voice for constitutionalism in China





South African Photographer Peter Magubane Reception
Reception at African American Museum, Exposition Park, for Thursday, January 23, 2003 from 6:30-8:30 pm.





The Strategic Logic of Suicide Terrorism
By Robert A. Pape. Reading for September 30th, 2003.





January 29 Seminar: Muhammad Sani Umar
Islamic Currents of Globalization: The Evidence from Educational and Intellectual Arenas





Last Empress in Los Angeles
Streaming KPPC audio program reviews the Korean musical coming to Hollywood.





Vietnamese Refugee Experience Inspires Humanitarian UCLA Student
UCLA Mobile Clinic Project benefits





Multinational Delegation Looks Behind the Scenes of UC
Professors, directors, and officers of universities of different countries receive an overview of the UC administration while at UCLA.





Early Salt Production along the Yangzi River in Comparative Perspective: An International Symposium
Project Update





The Politics of WTO Dispute Settlement
Highlights the political foundations on which the apparent power and successes of the WTO are built, as well as the fragility of these foundations.





UCLA Offers Joint Spring Quarter Class with Tel Aviv University
Joint course to use videoconferencing to study Israel and America: Political, Religious, and Social Issues.





Entertainment Policy
Enclosed is an Acrobat PDF document outlining the UCLA International Institute Entertainment Policy.





Instructional Media Library
The Instructional Media Library is UCLA's central resource for educational and instructional media.





International Flash Points
A course taught by Warren Christopher, former U.S. Secretary of State.





Hungarian Ambassador to visit UCLA
Hungarian Ambassador to address the New TransAtlantic Agenda at a luncheon in his honor.





Mellon Postdoctoral Fellowships
Mellon Foundation postdoctoral fellowships are available in four areas of specialization. For the 2004/2005 academic year, the areas of specialization are:





Comparative Studies of (Post-) Colonial Cultures in East Asia: Japan, Korea, Taiwan
Project Update





The Political Economy of Capital Account Liberalization
by Nancy Brune, Alexandra Guisinger, Jason Sorens, and Geoffrey Garrett





November 6 Seminar: Jared Diamond
Professor of Geography Jared Diamond will present, "Environmental Policies of Big Businesses"





PRRP Grant Awardees, Academic Year 2003-2004
Five UCLA faculty and students receive Pacific Rim Research Program grants totalling $89,600 for 2003-2004.





Heritage Language Instruction for Post-secondary Students from Immigrant Backgrounds
Kimi Kondo-Brown, University of Hawai'i at Manoa





Outreach to Precollegiate Teachers, Students and Schools
Listed below are the main components of the UCLA International Institute's precollegiate teacher training programs.





February 12: Stephanie Limoncelli
Stephanie Limoncelli will present, The Diffusion of International Social Movements: The Role of Early International Voluntary Associations in the Abolition of State Regulated Prostitution in Europe





February 19: Robin Goodman
Robin Goodman will present, Terrorist Hunter: Walter Mosley, the Urban Plot, and the Terror War





February 26: David Laitin
Professor David Laitin will present, Civil War Narratives.





Call for Student Papers on the European Union
CEES Announces a Call for Graduate and Undergraduate Student Papers on the European Union





April 29: Daniel Kahneman
Professor Daniel Kahneman, Princeton University, will present, Experienced Utility and Objective Happiness: A Moment-Based Approach.





The Bush Administration's Errant Strategy Towards the al-Qaeda Challenge
A public lecture to be held Monday, January 27, 2-4 pm at 10383 Bunche Hall, UCLA.





Katalin Szelenyi Working Paper #1
Explaining the Migration and Settlement of Foreign Graduate Students: Global Integration Theory and the Theory of Cumulative Causation





January 22 Seminar: Christine Min Wotipka
Christine Min Wotipka will present: A Cross-National Analysis of the Emergence and Institutionalization of Women's Studies Curricula





November 20 Seminar: Lynn Hunt
Professor Lynn Hunt will discuss, The Origins of Human Rights in the Eighteenth Century: Toward a Post-Foucaultian History of Personhood





January 8 Seminar: Jana von Stein
Jana von Stein will present, Making Promises, Keeping Promises: Ratification and Compliance in International Human Rights Law (The Case of the International Labor Organization Equal Remuneration Convention)





October 30 Seminar: Dick Flavell
Dick Flavell will present, Genetically Modified Food - A Global Crisis Coming From New Scientific Advances.





Fulbright Scholars Attend NBA Games!
San Antonio Spurs champion Steve Kerr welcomes his mother's visiting scholars to watch the game when the Spurs play in Los Angeles.





February 5: Francis Njubi Nesbitt
Francis Njubi Nesbitt will present, African Intellectuals in the Belly of the Beast: Migration, Identity, and the Politics of Exile.





October 9 Seminar: Jim Vreeland
"CAT Selection: Why Governments enter into the UN Convention Against Torture" by Jim Vreeland. Reading for October 9, 2003





Indonesian Bruin Student Association
IBSA is a nonprofit student organization involved in cultural, social, and community projects that promote a better understanding of Indonesian culture. IBSA also strives to foster education and leadership skills which will benefit students, UCLA and the surrounding community.





IT Workforce Data Project
The Outlook in 2003 for Information Technologies Workers in the US





November 13 Seminar: Trent Smith
Trent Smith will present, The McDonald's Equilibrium: Advertising, Empty Calories, and the Endogenous Determination of Dietary Preferences.





The First Property Rights Revolution
By Samuel Bowles and Jung-Kyoo Choi. Reading for the week of January 28, 2003.





October 23 Seminar: Sharon Bhagwan
Sharon Bhagwan will present her paper, "Filming local, Thinking Global." on October 23rd, 2003





Islam and Authoritarianism
By Steven Fish. Reading for week of February 25, 2003.





International Economics: Theory and Practice- Chapter 6
By Paul R. Kurgman and Maurice Obstfeld. Reading for week of February 18,2003.





UC eScholarship Repository Marks 203,000 Downloads
Online archive of scholarly papers proves to be highly popular in first year and a half.





Study Abroad Programs





EVENTS: Kollaboration of Korean American Talent
The creme de la creme of Korean American talent gathered at Kollaboration to showcase their skills for a chance to win cash prizes





University of California Links





Do We Really Know that the WTO Increases Trade?
By: Andrew Rose. Reading for week of January 14, 2003.





Mission & Priorities
The UCLA Center for Southeast Asian Studies (CSEAS) promotes independent research and innovative teaching about the histories, languages, societies, and cultures of Southeast Asia and its peoples.





Lobbying and Legislative Bargaining
By: Elhanan Helpman and Torsten Persson. Reading for week of January 21, 2003.





Constitutions and Commitment: Evidence on the Relation between Institutions and the Cost of Capital
By Nathan Sussman and Yishay Yafeh. Reading for week of December 9, 2003.





NEPAL: FNJ against right to information bill
Tara Nath Dahal, president of the Federation of Nepalese Journalists (FNJ), today said FNJ was opposed to introducing right to information bill through an ordinance





Monetary Governance in a World of Regional Currencies
With guest speaker, Benjamin Cohen, University of California Santa Barbara on February 21, 2003.





Directions in Research: Intergenerational Transmission of Heritage Languages
Editors: Russell N. Campbell, University of California, Los Angeles Donna Christian, Center for Applied Linguistics





FILM: How to Make the Cut -- Preview of "The Last Samurai"
"The Last Samurai" proves it knows "kata" from "katana"





Alexandra Guisinger, Trade Protection and Liberalization
Paper by Alexandra Guisinger.





Meeting One Report: The Human Face of Global Mobility
Exploring International Skilled and Professional Migration in Europe and the Asia-Pacific: Demographic and economic background & agenda for research





UCLA International Institute Joins eScholarship Repository
California Digital Library expands to full-text publications; Institute begins online Occasional Paper series.





Gary Freeman Working Paper
Political Science and Immigration: Policy Types and Modes of Politics





New Winter Course: Japanese Feminism/Feminism in Japan
This seminar will examine Japanese Feminism from its beginnings in the late 19th century to the present.





William Clark Reseach Note
Thoughts on skilled international migration





Marian Katz Working Paper
Skilled and Professional International Migration and the Professionalization of Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine in Southern California





Business Chinese: Shanghai
Chinese in International Business, June 27 - July 29, 2009





Oct. 24, 2003: News Bites
Read more about daring acrobatic stunts, traditional Korean hanboks, Kollaboration of talent, modern retelling of classical folktales, film festivals promoting Asian heritage, and many more in this issue of News Bites





Andrew Geddes Working Paper
The Political Economy of Migration in an Integrating Europe: Patterns, Trends, Lacunae and their Implications





Sandra Lavenex Working Paper
Globalization, trade and migration: towards the dissociation of immigration politics?





Oct. 24, 2003: News From Abroad
Cross-cultural music extravaganza at Hong Kong Harbour Fest, Loy Krathong Festival of Lights in Thailand, J-Pop singer Sonim's promotion of Castlevania in Japan, 2003 Kimchi Expo in Korea, and many more in this issue of News From Abroad





Kristin Surak Working Paper
Methodological Issues in Studying Japanese High Skilled Migration





Painting the Middle East
by Ann Zwicker Kerr, Fulbright Coordinator





Conference on the International Diffusion of Democracy and Markets
The International Diffusion of Democracy and Markets conference will be held at the UCLA International Institute on Friday and Saturday, March 7-8, 2003.





Instructional Needs of College-Level Learners of Japanese as a Heritage Language: Performance-Based Analyses
Sachiko Matsunaga, California State University, Los Angeles





Katalin Szelenyi Working Paper #2
The Politics of Highly Skilled Migration: Policies in Whose Interest?





Christine Min Wotipka and Francisco O. Ramirez, World Society and Human Rights
Paper by Christine Min Wotipka and Francisco O. Ramirez, Stanford University





The Human Face of Global Mobility: Year One Report
Exploring International Skilled and Professional Migration in Europe and the Asia-Pacific





Workshop: Islam in China
A USC-UCLA Joint East Asian Studies Center workshop for teachers of world history, multicultural studies, world religions, and international affairs -- and other interested educators.





PROFILE: Grace Lee---The Project
Korean American filmmaker Grace Lee, searches for what really is in a name; from violin prodigy to a pastor's wife to a social activist, she documents how the simple name 'Grace Lee' can be so much and bind so many.





PRRP Grant Awardees, Academic Year 1999-2000
UCLA Pacific Rim Research Program Awardees, 1999-2000





Report from the Fulbright Coordinator
"As of mid-November, we have 45 senior level Scholars who teach and do research, 31 graduate students, and 8 school teachers at 29 different educational institutions."





Globalization and Fiscal Decentralization
Prepared for delivery at the Conference: Globalization and Governance





Native American Heritage Languages
Christine P. Sims, University of New Mexico





Coachella Music Festival Meets Pepsi Smash at Dragon's Roar
From Hong Kong djs to Pinoy rockers and Cambodian rappers, Dragon's Roar features a diverse group of Asian American entertainers





Burkle Center Working Paper Series
A list of past working papers produced under the sponsorship of the Burkle Center.





Institute Showcases K-12 Outreach at L.A. Times Book Festival
Thousands visit Institute outreach table during annual UCLA event.





December 4 Seminar: Roberto Farneti
This week Roberto Farneti will discuss ‘Political Theory, Interdisciplinarity, and the Question of the Origin’





THEATRE: Reinterpreting Shim Ch'ong for the 21st Century
Director James DePaul gives a classical Korean folktale a contemporary makeover in a performance that fuses traditional and modern elements





Dec. 12, 2003: News Bites
Volcano High on MTV, Leslie Cheung Film Tribute, Shiri Actress in New ABC Show, John Woo's Paycheck, T.M Revolution's Sonic Warp, the L.A. Tet Festival and many more in this issue of News Bites.





Politics and International Law Colloquium
A Joint Course with the UCLA School of Law and the UCLA International Institute





THEATER: More to Rice than Rice-A-Roni and Uncle Ben's
In a performance that combines modern dance, puppet theater, taiko drumming and much more, Art of Rice shows how this staple food inspires a tasteful artistic vision.





Chang Kil Lee and David Strang, The International Diffusion of Public-Sector Downsizing
Paper by Chang Kil Lee, MOGAHA, and David Strang, Cornell University.





October 2 Seminar: Rob Boyd
Format will be a 20-30 minute talk, followed by discussion. Attendence by invitation only.





Economic Shocks and Civil Conflict: An Instrumental Variable Approach
By Edward Miguel





Leading Chinese Political Activists Discuss "Constitutionalism in China?" February 21
Wang Juntao, Wang Dan, Liu Junning, and Yu Haocheng to speak in Dodd Hall, Friday, February 21, 1:00-3:00 pm





A Message from the Vice Provost
The UCLA International Institute has the ambitious goal to be the west coast leader for the study of global affairs. The Institute has undertaken a series of bold initiatives toward this goal that are designed to provide innovation and leadership and that build on the considerable expertise and activity embodied in its centers and programs. The initiatives are global in scope and span innovative educational programs, cutting edge research, and outreach to the broader community.





Feeding Boys, Ayaya
Review of Feeding Boys, Ayaya.





Dennis Quinn, Anti-Capitalist Sentiment as a Determinant of International Financial Liberalization
Paper by Dennis P. Quinn, Professor McDonough School of Business Georgetown University





China and Constitutionalism: A Symposium
Noted political activists discuss the challenges of creating a constitutional government in China.





Duane Swank, Tax Policy in an Era of Internationalization
Paper by Duane Swank, Marquette University





The Impact of the Israeli Elections on the Future of the Middle East: A Post-Election Analysis
Dr. Leonard Fein and Dr. Steven Spiegel





A New Perspective on Teaching Russian: Focus on the Heritage Learner
Olga Kagan, UCLA, and Kathleen Dillon, UC Consortium for Language Learning and Teaching





Multiparty Competition, Founding Elections and Political Business Cycles in Africa
By Smita Singh





Mining Life -- Li Yang's Blind Shaft Screened in 2003 AFI Film Festival
Banned Chinese film explores the restructuring of Chinese industry and life in this film about corruption in an unregulated coal mine.





Model United Nations Page is Here
It's here!





January 15 Seminar: Beth Simmons
Beth Simmons will present, Competing for Capital: The Diffusion of Bilateral Investment Treaties, 1960-2000.





THEATRE: Sandra Tsing Loh's Sugar Plum Fairy Is Anything But Sweet
A twelve-year-old's auditioning experience leads to a winding path of disappointment, confusion, and finally self-discovery





The Impact of Outside Funding on Community Organizations of the Disadvantaged
By Mary Kay Gugerty





Eduardo Castro and Kathleen R. McNamara, The Diffusion of Central Bank Independence
Paper by Eduardo Castro and Kathleen R. McNamara, Princeton University





Can Foreign Aid Buy Growth?
By William Easterly





The Middle East and Israel: After the War with Iraq--May 29 Lecture by Shai Feldman
Lecture by Shai Feldman, Director, Jaffee Center for Strategic Studies, Tel Aviv University. Thursday May 29, 2003. 4pm-6pm in Dodd 161.





Enthnic Identity, Collective Action, and Conflict: An Experimental Approach
by Daniel Posner





Internships and Study Opportunities
Practical field experience before graduation is essential for developing a career in development and can help you establish important contacts and relationships that may be helpful to you throughout your career.





A Research Note on Congo’s Nationalist Paradox
By Pierre Englebert





Development Despots: Foreign Aid, Domestic Politics, and the Quality of Governance
By Barak D. Hoffman





The Political Salience of Cultural Differences
By Dan Posner





Global Fellows Directory, 2003-04
Contact information for scholars participating in the Global Fellows Program.





Geoff Garrett, Beth Simmons, and Frank Dobbin, Diffusion Introduction
by Geoffrey Garrett and Beth Simmons





Tribe or Nation? Nation-Building and Public Goods in Kenya versus Tanzania
By Edward Miguel





International Cooperation to Combat Corruption
"Filling in the Folk Theorem: The Role of Gradulism and Legalization in International Cooperation to Combat Corruption" with guest speaker, Duncan Snidal, University of Chicago on November 22,2002





You Can’t Save Alone:Testing Theories of Rotating Savings and Credit Associations in Kenya
by Mary Kay Gugerty





Why study gender issues in the economies of sub-Saharan Africa?
By Michael Kevane





Cory Yuen is So Close to breaking gender stereotypes
Director Cory Yuen leads audiences on a cat-and-mouse chase with three femme fatales who can do much more than karate-chop in his newest film "So Close"





Kristian Gleditsch and Michael Ward, Diffusion and the International Context of Democratization
by Kristian Gleditsch and Michael Ward.





Hail to the Beijing Modern Dance Company
Chinese modern dance troupe blazes the stage and enthralls its audience





May 30: HIV/AIDS, Development, and the Next Generation in Africa
Globally, over 42 million people are living with HIV/AIDS, 29 million of whom are on the African continent. On May 30, the UCLA Globalization Research Center - Africa will sponsor a day-long public education forum at the UCLA Faculty Center, "HIV/AIDS, Development, and the Next Generation in Africa" to address major questions about the HIV/AIDS pandemic and its implications for development over the next 25 years in Africa.





New Winter Course: Theater of Japan: Kabuki
Using both written materials and videos, we will examine kabuki's literature and performance in the context of Japanese cultural history.





Postmodern Imperialsm
with guest speaker, James Fearon, Professor of Political Science, Stanford University on July 25, 2003





FILM: A Tribute to a Nisei Farmer -- Interview with Dean Yamada
APA's Kenneth Quan talks with filmmaker Dean Yamada about remembering the sacrifices of California's Nisei (second generation Japanese Americans).





The Role of Parents' Knowledge about Bilingualism in the Transmission of Heritage Languages
Sarah J. Shin, University of Maryland, Baltimore County





Global Fellows Program Application Instructions
The UCLA International Institute will appoint an inaugural group of up to ten Post-Doctoral Fellows to commence residence on 1 September 2003.





Helen Milner, The Global Spread of the Internet
Paper by Helen V. Milner, Columbia University.





CCGR Request for Proposals: Working Groups 2003-2004
REQUEST FOR PROPOSALS For 2003-04 Working Groups Proposal Deadline: April 15, 2003





March 11: Peter Singer
Paper and abstract will be posted shortly.





Understanding Rebel Terror Movements
"Generations and Waves: The Keys to Understanding Rebel Terror Movements" with guest speaker, David Rapoport, Political Science, UCLA on November 7, 2003





New Winter Course: Cross-Cultural Currents in Theater
The class considers twentieth and twenty-first century experiments in cross-cultural performance, emphasizing fusions created by western and asian artists.





DVD: Better Luck Tomorrow
Things are not how they appear as "Better Luck Tomorrow" shows what can happen when middle-class suburban kids have a little too much time on their hands





Order Without Law? Property Rights During the California Gold Rush
By Karen Clay and Gavin Wright. Reading for week of November 25, 2003.





History Reenacted in 21st Century Manzanar
As the U.S. economy lie in shambles, the Japanese are forced back to internment camps in "21st Century Manzanar," an apocalyptic novel that portrays what happens when mass hysteria and paranoia get out of hand





International Development Studies Holds Internship Fair
Successful interns share their experiences on work abroad, in Washington, DC, and in Los Angeles settings.





Could Humphrey Have Gone To China?
"Measuring the Electoral Costs and Benefits of Peace" with guest speaker Ken Shultz, Policital Science, UCLA and Barry O'Neill, discussant on October 17, 2003.





Aug. 29, 2003: News Bites
Celebrating Asian-American contributions to hip-hop at Wing Luke Asian Museum; Showcasing APA talent at Dragon's Roar; Experiencing classic Chinese opera at SilkROAD 2003...





March 4: Fred Lo
Paper and abstract will be posted shortly.





Assessing Africa's Two-Phase Peace Implementation Process: Power Sharing and Democratization
by Donald Rothchild.





Is Democracy Necessary for Development?
by: Deepak Lal. Reading for week of May 13, 2003.





Adrian Favell Working Paper #1
Eurostars and Eurocities: Towards a Sociology of Free Moving Professionals in Western Europe





Lindsay Lowell Research Note
Research on Highly Skilled Foreign Workers





Report: Amnesty International Film Festival
Amnesty International Kicks Off Social Justice Crusade on UCLA Campus





Poverty and Witch Killing
by Edward Miguel.





Paula Chakravartty Working Paper
Symbolic Analysts or Indentured Servants? Indian High-Tech Migrants in America's Information Economy





Network Access and Email Request Form
Please print and fill out the request form.





Join two U.S. Ambassadors and several of the nation's top scholars for a symposium discussing the implications of this new institution and the controversy over the U.S. decision not to participate.





Sabeen Sandhu Working Paper
Immigration, Information Technology, and Identity: Differentiation and Assimilation Among Asian Indian Professionals in Los Angeles and the Silicon Valley





Do Politicians Reward Their Supporters? Regression Discontinuity Evidence from Ghana.
by Edward Miguel and Farhan Zaidi





Learning from History
Terrence Wiley, Arizona State University





Outreach World Website Launches
Outreach World, is a comprehensive one-stop resource for teaching international and area studies and foreign languages in the precollegiate classroom.





Biliteracy and Heritage Languages
Nancy H. Hornberger, University of Pennsylvania










Language Ideologies and the Teaching of Heritage Languages
Guadalupe Valdés, Stanford University





UCLA Undergraduates Win Awards at European Union Center of California Conference
Three UCLA undergraduates win best panel prizes at statewide undergraduate meeting at Scripps College, Claremont.





External Pressures on Families
Lily Wong Fillmore, University of California, Berkeley





Saturday-School Participation, Ethnic Identity and Japanese Language Development
Kiyomi Chinen and G. Richard Tucker, Carnegie Mellon University





The Role of Schools in Language Maintenance and Shift
Reynaldo Macías, University of California, Los Angeles





Russell N. Campbell
September 5, 1927 - March 30, 2003





The editors gratefully acknowledge colleagues who gave generously of their time and expertise to review submissions to the journal:





Language Ideologies
Norma González, University of Utah





Editors' Foreword
Olga Kagan and Kathleen Dillon





Research Priorities: Heritage Languages in Policy Texts
Joseph Lo Bianco, Language Australia





Persistence of Inefficient Institutions
By Daron Acemoglu. Reading for the week of February 4, 2003.





'Looking For YLLOGRL' Sets the Path Toward Shattering Stereotypes
Khmer Girls perform.