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International Visitors Bureau

Royce HallThe International Visitors Bureau (IVB) serves as a liaison between UCLA faculty/administrators and international academic and professional leaders by developing appropriate contacts. Through these contacts, IVB provides opportunities to build intellectual exchanges and strategic international alliances.

Established in 1966, the UCLA International Visitors Bureau (IVB) is recognized nationally as one of the oldest and most respected university-sponsored programs of its kind in the country. It schedules meetings, seminars, luncheons, and campus tours for more than 800 visitors to the UCLA campus each year. The IVB provides comprehensive programming for outstanding leaders in government, politics, education, science, labor relations, and other fields by incorporating the intellectual, cultural, ethnic, and linguistic diversity of the UCLA campus.

The staff and volunteers of the IVB coordinate appointments with appropriate members of the administration and faculty for visitors sponsored by the International Visitors Program of the United States Department of State, the International Visitors Council of Los Angeles, other universities, corporations, foundations, government agencies, and members of the Consular Corps.

UCLA increases its international visibility through the hospitality that it extends to international visitors and benefits from the professional exchanges with many of the world's economic, political, and social leaders. Since its establishment, the IVB has hosted a wealth of world renowned dignitaries, including British Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher, President Frederik de Klerk of South Africa, Prime Minister Joseph K. Kolfligoh of Togo, and President Rafael Callejoas of Honduras.

This form of worldwide outreach, heightened by the development of the Internet, brings UCLA's affiliation to a global scale.

Visitor News

Please enjoy these stories about international visitors to the Institute

UCLA grad returns to share experience on the ground in Afghanistan

After four years with the U.S. Foreign Service, Erin Rattazzi, BA '02, advises students to take advantage of every possible opportunity to learn more about the world and their place in it.

New Thai ambassador visits UCLA

Funding from the Royal Thai Government supports language instruction, cultural programming and travel opportunities for students.

Political will, courage and imagination needed if resolution is to be made, says ambassador

Argentina’s ambassador to the U.S. visits UCLA to discuss territorial conflict in the long disputed Falkland/Malvinas Islands

South African education advocate visits UCLA to share experiences, explore partnerships

It’s important for Americans to think of Africa and South Africa as places to learn and grow, says university leader.

Salvadoran leaders join UCLA faculty and guests to recognize 20 years of peace

In examining the current state of El Salvador, the role of past civil conflict must be considered, says First Lady Vanda Pignato.

Ambassador discusses Brazil’s growth as global power

Brazilian Ambassador to the U.S. Mauro Vieira made a stop at UCLA yesterday to speak about his country's role in the world.

Pontiff discusses future of Christianity in the Middle East

Armenian spiritual leader Aram I stops at UCLA as part of 20-day tour of Southern California

International Visitors for March 2014

UCLA International Visitors Bureau

Two PKU delegations visit UCLA

President Wang, administrators further collaboration and understanding

International Visitors for February 2014

UCLA International Visitors Bureau

AUA President’s Visit to UCLA

American University of Armenia President Bruce Boghosian met with UCLA faculty and colleagues, with the goal of initiating fresh collaborations between the two institutions.

Ambassador's Visit Commences Active Quarter for Indonesian Studies

Ambassador Dino Patti Djalal, Indonesia's top representative to the United States, wants to double the number of Indonesians studying in this country, he said at a March 28 presentation to UCLA students and leaders. The visit comes as UCLA's Indonesian Studies Program prepares to host a series of public events grappling with the nation's past.

UCLA International Visitors Bureau at National Meeting

On Feb. 17 in Washington D.C., the State Department celebrated the 50th anniversary of the National Council for International Visitors. UCLA's International Visitors Bureau has been an NCIV member since 1980.

Visitors Bureau Hosted 575 People from 91 Nations in 2010

Housed in the UCLA International Institute since 2002, the International Visitors Bureau matches foreign visitors with professionals and experts in all fields. This year the bureau, managed by Program Officer Gohar Grigorian with the aid of one part-time student worker and a network of contacts, observed a sharp rise in the number of visitors from China.

China Sends Senior Officials in Higher Ed to UCLA for Training

A delegation of vice presidents and high-ranking officials from universities in China came to UCLA this week to learn how to build and run a top university. Bruins shared their expertise on everything from managing residence halls to fundraising and recruiting diverse faculty.

Campus Welcomes Whirlwind Visits by Heads of State

The presidents of Chile, Croatia and the Dominican Republic descended on UCLA with their entourages over a five-day span Sept. 24-28. The dignitaries held meetings with Chancellor Gene Block and university, state and city officials and forged international partnerships in education, research, environmental issues and other areas.

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