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UCLA Voices

UCLA scholars and students discuss their work

Surgeons and anthropologists collaborate to deliver health care in Central America

"At the Crossroads" symposium focuses on how to deliver culturally sensitive surgical services to indigenous communities.

Enlightenment is now 5 pounds heavier

Two distinguished professors of Buddhist Studies — Robert Buswell Jr. (UCLA) and Donald S. Lopez Jr. (University of Michigan) — have produced a massive dictionary of Buddhist terms from all Buddhist lineages.

How media — and work — impacts peoples’ perceptions of themselves and their countries

Increasingly, says UCLA Associate Professor Purnima Mankekar, the circular media flow between Asia and the rest of the world is a two-way street that affects both consumers and producers.

Building a strong community for Southeast Asian studies at UCLA

UCLA historian George Dutton aims to create a more cohesive community of faculty and students who study Southeast Asia.

Giant of Ismaili studies honored by younger generation

A younger generation of scholars recently paid tribute to UCLA Professor Emeritus Ismail K. Poonawala at a symposium organized by the UCLA Center for Near Eastern Studies on May 23, 2013.

Two UCLA professors win competitive grant for research on human rights archives

Historian Geoffrey Robinson and archivist Michelle Caswell will use a at $40,000 grant from the UC Pacific Research Program to explore the complex set of issues involved in the creation, housing, ownership, and use of archives on human rights abuses and crimes against humanity